Saturday, June 13, 2015

Here & There 6.13

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Happy weekend! What are you up to? I spent this morning picking strawberries, the afternoon at a flea market, and this evening watching OINTB, so... a pretty solid day. Are you watching the new season? What do you think? So far the highlight for me was Rebel Girl by Bikini Kill at the end of ep.6. Tomorrow we're headed to Delaware to go to the beach, it's been so hot this week, I can't wait to jump in the water.

Excited to welcome Bella & Chloe as a sponsor - how gorgeous is this vintage barrette? Vintage turquoise heaven.

How beautiful is this vintage Edwardian camisole? It would look amazing with high-waisted flares and clogs.

Always love reading other blogger's life lately posts - this was a great one from Angela.

The perfect color for summer - love these blue wedges (options here).

Summer denim in pretty colors - love this dress.

I've been following this story and think the tattooer was in the right- thoughts?

My favorite summer shoes.

Things to worry about.

Such a pretty top.

Joan Didion keeping it real, always

Yup - these look delicious.

Love these classic swimsuits for summer.

Pretty haircolor.

How cute are these cute shorts - so sweet with an eyelet tank.

Meet Louisa Wendorff

The perfect pillow for your summer decor

Can't wait to try this cookbook


Gwen said...

Yes! I agree 100% with that tattoo artist. Good on him for sticking to his honor code, and what a well-written response to this forty-year-old teenager, too! Some of the worst tattoos I've seen (we used to subscribe to Bizarre, which had a "crap tattoos" section) have always made me think that the tattooist should have said no. It always reflects on the tattooist. In fact, they wrote about a teenaged boy who wanted a neck tattoo. Specifically of a lipsticked kiss. The tattooist refused, of course - then, a few months later, the kid came back. He'd found someone who'd been willing to do it, but had botched the job - so now, he had a HUGE pair of lips on his neck, like a hickey from Jabba the Hutt was how the tattooist described it. The kid was full of regrets and wanted it covered up - but there was nothing the tattooist could do. So yes, I am full of admiration for tattooists who draw that line in the sand. Then it's up to the customer whether to listen to the professional or go ahead and be stupid!

Eva @ All Books Considered said...

So far season 3 is terrible :( I agree that the highlight is Bikini Kill! That is the last episode we've seen so far and not sure we will continue with the series

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