Friday, October 31, 2014

WORN: All Hallows In Hollywood

Ocrhid Grey in Hollywood Cemetery photo OrchidGrey_Oct312014-3_zpscf7347d4.jpg
Ocrhid Grey in Hollywood Cemetery photo OrchidGrey_Oct312014-12_zps2a0769aa.jpg
Ocrhid Grey in Hollywood Cemetery photo OrchidGrey_Oct312014-2_zpsac3515c9.jpg
Ocrhid Grey in Hollywood Cemetery photo OrchidGrey_Oct312014-1_zps9d2c2f3c.jpg
Ocrhid Grey in Hollywood Cemetery photo OrchidGrey_Oct312014-6_zpsedf91c37.jpg
Ocrhid Grey in Hollywood Cemetery photo OrchidGrey_Oct312014-5_zpse7444f1f.jpg
Ocrhid Grey in Hollywood Cemetery photo OrchidGrey_Oct312014-4_zps1501505e.jpg
Ocrhid Grey in Hollywood Cemetery photo OrchidGrey_Oct312014-9_zpsdfb330aa.jpg
Ocrhid Grey in Hollywood Cemetery photo OrchidGrey_Oct312014-7_zps1cae2f1f.jpg
Ocrhid Grey in Hollywood Cemetery photo OrchidGrey_Oct312014-10_zps16f936a4.jpg
Ocrhid Grey in Hollywood Cemetery photo OrchidGrey_Oct312014-11_zpsc9beab14.jpg
While in Richmond for work recently, Chris and I made sure to stop by Hollywood Cemetery. It was a quick trip, but worth it just to wander among the dead for a few moments. When my time comes, I have no plans to be laid to rest among the many strangers of the world, but that morbid thought doesn't mean I don't find cemeteries to be among the most peaceful places. I love weaving between the tombstones, reading off those classic names and admiring the artistry of the carvings.

Happy Halloween, everyone. What are your plans for tonight? Revelry? Rabble rousing? We're of to a party, dressed as a train conductor and Rosie the Riviter (thanks friends, for the suggestion). Be happy, be safe!

Get the look: Free People coat, tunic, & necklace, Cheap Monday Jeans (similar), Lulus boots (similar), Target hat (similar).


Kate @ said...

This outfit is incredible, one of my favorites of yours!

Jamie Rose D. said...

I think graveyards are pretty cool too. The statues and names and lives summed up in a very small amount of text. Very interesting and I really love the spooky pictures you took here! Your outfit looks so cozy too. That coat is awesome!

Jamie |

Cai said...

YOU ARE PERFECT. So. So. Perf. Your blog is my number 1 fav in all the style blogs of all the internet world. <3

lazygulrox (Rashmi Bhosale) said...

Love your ethnic necklace and the whole casual look. Really good clicks of the cemetery.


Josephine Choo said...

happy halloween!! xo

josephine c.

Samantha Manzella said...

Happy Halloween! I find cemeteries so peaceful too. I love your outfit, especially the beanie. :)

- Sam

Tamara said...

These pictures are amazing and I love that necklace! Happy Halloween :).


Jeanne said...

What a cool fluffy coat!

Nora Gouma said...

I really like this editorial concept. One can truly sense Halloween vibes!


Rach said...

Longtime reader (and lurker) but I went to college in Richmond, and I was so excited to see that you visited! I used to ride my bike through Hollywood Cemetery in college, but I haven't been back there in a long time. These photos sure made me miss those days, though. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed RVA. :)

thotlady said...

We love going to Hollywood cemetery and take our friends who visit there as well.

Anonymous said...

What a cool photoshoot setting - especially appropriate for Halloween!

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