Thursday, July 3, 2014

Yellow Daisies

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I can't express enough how much I appreciate all of the comments and thoughts left on Tuesday's post, we're so, so excited for everything that lies ahead, and even more enthusiastic now after having read all the glowing reviews and recommendations of/for Philadelphia. Today is my last day at my current job, and it's bittersweet (and a little weird). I'm sad to leave my co-workers, but after so much anticipation and months of interviews, I'm ready to get started and just get there already. I'm really excited to have a few days of down time (yeah right) before my first day of work. I didn't do that last time, and I'm looking forward to being able to gather my thoughts, get inspired, and spend some quality time with Chris before diving in. And by quality time, I mean frantically looking for a place to live (although our temporary place will have AC, I'm not sure we'll ever want to leave). We haven't decided on a neighborhood yet, we've visited a few that we really liked, but it'll come down to finding the right place. I am hopeful that I'll be able to ride my bike to work again. After a couple of years of a long and winding (but pretty) commute, I'm looking forward to maybe spending less on gas and living a shorter distance away.

I've packed up most of my clothes at this point, leaving out a (relatively) small selection of items I'll be taking with me to our temp housing. We carted so much unnecessary stuff with us to Pittsburgh (like a box of utility receipts from 2007, what?), I'm determined to not relive that same mistake with this move. I've been attempting to pare down my wardrobe for ... the past year, actually, now that I think about it, and I'm slightly embarrassed at how hard it's been to get rid of certain things, so it's been a cathartic experience bringing those big bags to Goodwill. I had hopes of doing another yard sale before we left, but at this point I like the idea of just getting rid of it all once and for all much better (plus, I won't have to spend my Sunday sitting amongst my things in my yard).

This outfit includes a couple of the staples I've left out to bring with me to Philadelphia. Basically, this is the summer version of this outfit. I wore this last week on a slightly cooler day when I was feeling particularly under the weather. I don't get sick very often, but when I do, I get sick. The three days following were spent attempting to work from bed, but failing pretty miserably. Actually the only thing I did manage to accomplish was getting Chris sick. Two down for the count.

Overalls might not strike you as a "staple," but the baggy fit and light-weight denim of these make them ideal for days where I want to be more covered up, or need something a little sturdier than a sun dress. Overalls on adults will always be a little ridiculous to me, I mean, I can't take myself too seriously when wearing the adult version of Osh Kosh, but they're fun and I like how they look with a crisp crop top.

Get the look: Overalls: Vintage thrifted (similar) // Crop top: Aeropostale (c/o) // Sneakers: Converse All Leather // Choker necklace & bracelets: thrifted // Long necklaces: Black Crystals (c/o)

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Adrienne Scott-Trask said...

Oh my exciting!!! Best of luck with everything!!
I love it!
These overalls are super cute too! :)
-Adrienne. xo

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Citizen of the World

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Maura Pawlowski said...

Love the overalls, I just got a goofy pair for myself! East passyunk in south Philly is the place to be, although I may be biased as I've lived there for a while! :)

Marlen said...

Haha the receipts made me laugh! Every time I move i get absolutely ruthless with what I throw out- it always boggles my mind how much stuff I have. And then I get mad I fall into the materialism trap when I could have spent that money on fun trips. Sigh. But to the outfit: I was SO pumped to see these overalls! I just bought a pair yesterday and was on the hunt for inspiration on how to wear them :)

xo marlen
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Joanna. said...

Exciting times! I love your overalls, you can really pull them off!

J said...

I'm a fan of your blog AND overalls. Best of luck to you on your new adventure :)

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