Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Banana Stand

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This was one of those magical, early summer Pittsburgh evenings where everything was beautiful. The air was the perfect temperature, the bags beneath my eyes took a sudden -- and all together unannounced -- vacation, and Chris and I were on a date to see Maleficent and have some dinner. I've always wanted to take photos in front of this (presumably) defunct banana warehouse (?). I know absolutely nothing about it besides the fact that it smelled terrible, was super dirty and filled with pigeons, and there's a very friendly stray cat that lives there (for anyone living in Pittsburgh that might want a friendly cat that needs a bath, there you go. And yes, it was heartbreaking to leave him behind).

This is the most amazing time of year here. It's hard to believe that just a few months ago, I was shuffling around my ice cold apartment wearing multiple blankets, scarves, and hats in an effort to combat the negative 10 temperatures.

Also realizing very late in the game that high top Converse are where it's at. I remember my very first pair, which looked exactly like these, bought from the outlet when I was seven.

Get the look: Dress: Second hand (similar) // Jacket: Forever 21 (similar) // Sneakers: Converse // Earrings: Yard sale trade (similar) // Bag: Ruche (Similar)


Adrienne Scott-Trask said...

Super pretty!
Great spot for a shoot!
I love that dress! :)
-Adrienne. xo

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Citizen of the World

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Rhiannon Lorenzo said...

gorgeous! i love that dress!


Lindsay Ginn said...

Amazing color on the Converse.

Thriftanista in the City said...

Love it. Those earrings are great!

Cory said...

I have never seen Converse look so elegant!

Kailey said...


Anonymous said...

lovely ..but Still lacking Opaque Black Tights ..Charlotte

Cyrene said...

I've been a reader of your blog for a while and I've never commented but your mention of the stay cat broke my heart. I wished you did something instead of just leaving it; as it was friendly, you could have took it and gave it a bath, then took it to a shelter if you can not keep it.

I'm sorry to say that Im really disappointed; it seems your fashion shoots were more important than a cat in need.

Orchid Grey said...

Cyrene, My "fashion shoots" are not actually more important than a cat in need.

I appreciate that you also want to help stray animals (I do too, if you can believe it. All of my pets were originally strays, and we do what we can to help - but we can't bring home every cat we find or see, and right now we're not equipped to expose ourselves and our companion animal in our small home to possible diseases).

I appreciate that you've been a reader for awhile, but it's a bummer that the only time you've ever felt the need to say anything is when you were disappointed in me. Maybe there's a way that we could have helped this cat that we didn't know about, let me know, I'm all ears, I WANT to help. But I think there's a way to educate and inform (and critique) without coming off as completely judgmental.

I'd love to know any tips you may have for helping strays or working with shelters.

Cyrene said...

Hello Julie,
First of all I never posted because I'm not interested in fashion due to my lifestyle as living green and ethical life. But I do like and appreciate your approach on fashion, that is buying secondhand and swaps. That is really good and I do hope you will encourage the others to do the same and even consider switching to ethical fashion ;)

I'm sorry if my comment regarding the cat was a bit harsh; it is just I will never turn my back on any animal in need. I live on almost no money and it is very hard to pay for vets and rescue cats all the time. But I do. I'd rather not have food but feed or rescue an animal in need. If I were you I would got back home and got a cat carrier and took the cat to the nearest shelter,a non-kill one. Or wrote a post about the cat on your blog asking people if there is anyone who can take it, in the meanwhile kept going there whenever you can to leave her food. I do the same. There are lots of stray cats here in the countryside in Italy and the ones I couldn't trap, I visit once or twice a week to leave them food and water. And believe me it is hard, as I do not have a car ( I refuse to have a car for ethical and environmental reasons)

You know Julie, some years ago I was a city girl who shopped till she dropped (figuratively speaking) But yes I shopped and bought my food from supermarkets and ate out and my trash can was so full of plastic and nasty stuff at the end of each day, and I used makeup, expensive stuff, and more. (I'll post on that life on my blog soon, just to share that dreadful empty life I had before.)

Now, I'm totally a different person; living with no money but I'm happy. I get secondhand clothes from my friends and ditched all the makeup and the nasty stuff; I eat local and seasonal veggies and fruit; I grow my own veggies and have my own chickens; I source the other stuff I can not grow or make, like cheese and milk, from local small organic farm. All the food I eat is 100% organic and I spend almost no money because I either grow it myself or barter for it or forage for it.

Again, I didnt mean to offend you and I'm sorry if I did; I rescue animals and fight for their rights but in the same time I will never hurt my fellow humans, even if I disagree with them. I have nothing in my heart but love for all.

I do wish you all the best and I do hope you will have a look at ethical fashion, instead of mass produced cloths and materials in India and china, and the massive pollution and rubbish as a result of that. and many more.
Kind Regards

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