Thursday, June 12, 2014

Summer in the City With Lulu's: How to Host a Budget-Friendly Sunday Brunch

I'm excited to be partnering with Lulu's this week in celebration of summer and all it has to offer. For the final installment in my series, we're going to brunch!
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Get the look: Dress, Sandals, & Bag: Lulu's (c/o) // Necklace: Forever 21 // Bracelets: Vintage // Silver ring: roadside store in W.V. // Red stone ring: Shop Dixi (c/o) // Midi ring: UO

What is it about brunch that makes it the perfect meal? The fact that it's breakfast at lunch time? That it's breakfast on steroids? Or maybe that, while technically still being breakfast, it's somehow deemed appropriate to consume alcohol at brunch? All three? Yeah, all three. At any rate, brunch is the perfect way to cap off a great weekend, but frankly, we can't always justify the hefty price tag that goes along with any breakfast that isn't enjoyed at a roadside diner. Plus, when the weather is nice, isn't it more fun to get a bunch of friends together and eat outside?

And because it's brunch, and brunch and needs to somehow be differentiated from breakfast, why not get a little fancy? I've already professed my love for white dresses, and this little eyelet number from Lulu's has stolen my heart. I dressed it down a little with strappy flat sandals, a woven clutch, and casual jewelry. Way better than the ratty tee shirt and lounge pants I usually wear to breakfast, right?

 photo OrchidGrey_JulieSharp_June122014-10_zps9a89bfae.jpg
 photo OrchidGrey_JulieSharp_June122014-12_zps8737eef9.jpg

On this particular day, we gathered with two other couples on our porch for a Sunday brunch potluck. Each pair made a couple of dishes, and there was so. much. food. While it could sound daunting, a potluck brunch is an easy thing to plan (a couple of emails or texts, really), and can be easily converted to a picnic if you don't have porch access. Here's what was served:

coffee & almond milk

banana bread
fruit & berry salad
egg casserole
cornmeal waffles & honey butter

To decorate, I used a linen tablecloth found at the thrift store (for a whopping $1.00) layered under a lace tablecloth (also thrifted cheaply), and our friend put out her matching dishes and wine glasses. That's it. Done. Oh, and whiskey bottles make fine coffee carafes.

 photo OrchidGrey_JulieSharp_June122014-11_zps95c1fc90.jpg
 photo OrchidGrey_JulieSharp_June122014-8_zps4ffa6beb.jpg

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Adrienne Scott-Trask said...

Super pretty!
I love everything about this post!
That outfit is such a perfect summer look!
-Adrienne. xo

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Citizen of the World

Laura Whitman said...

That dress is just so gorgeous - you look so great in white!

Also, brunch is most definitely the best meal ever; such a fantastic weekend idea.


Anonymous said...

Love all the ideas. Thanks, Julie! On a shoestring grad student budget myself, I love how easy (and super cheap) it is to pretend I'm a lot fancier than I really am for one afternoon. Gotta love those potlucks!

And of course, you look amazing. That white eyelet dress is too fab.

XO Alison

Anonymous said...

love your look in the dress ..suits you well ..but youre still avoiding to wear opaque Black Tights ..and those roman sandals with Thick Black Tights would look awesome ....charlotte

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