Thursday, February 13, 2014


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We woke up to more snow this past Sunday, and while it was lovely to look at, we weren't up for spending the day in it. To save ourselves from becoming complete recluses, off we went to the movies, for an afternoon showing of The Monument Men. It's been years since I've seen a matinee, possibly not since college, and I had forgotten how great a Sunday matinee can be. We don't go to the movies often, but I love the idea of eschewing a poor-weather day in favor of movie theater popcorn and gummi bears. Afterwards we browsed Target, got in a fight about who's idea it was to even go to Target, and then I made Elvis cookies and we were both appeased. A great Sunday, except for the dumb Target fight.

So, I have nothing to say about this actual outfit. I was comfortable. These jeans are seriously amazing and I highly recommend them - they don't stretch out! Or ride down! A solid pair of pants. I thrifted this sweater a couple of years ago, and it has a hole in the armpit. And these boots, also comfortable and go-with-everything. They remind me of the 90s in a good way.

Wearing: Coat: J.Crew (2010) // Sweater: Vintage Pendleton/Thrifted // Denim jacket: Estate Sale // Jeans: H&M // Beanie: Target // MTNG Boots c/o Lulu's (also in black)


jessica rose said...

No rain in the UK.....just flooding!! The jeans are really nice...H&M jeans...doesn't surprise me.

Jennifer said...

I like the layering of the jackets! I know it was a necessity, but it's super cute!

xo Jennifer

Elizabeth said...

I love the earthy tones and layering of jackets. Its a great winter look without looking too heavy!

- Liz

a fickle heart

Sandra said...

those nude booties are so confusing - for a second i thought you were barefoot! really cool shoes tho.

i need to see that film also, matinees/early screenings are the best!

Michelle // Aliya and Lucas Vintage said...

This is the kind of 'look' I could live in! skinny jeans, ankle boots, comfy top and staples!

Johanna O said...

Love your blog! How do you get blogger to look so good? I can't figure out anything besides the basic settings. Do you have any hints or websites I can check out? Thank you!

Nati said...

that sweater is the BEST find. Nice work!

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