Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Golden Girl

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Breaking news: it's really cold out. I'm over it, along with the rest of the world. I haven't been too into the idea of getting dressed lately, could be the situation happening on my floor right now. That situation would be an impenetrable tangle of new and old thrifted treasures, dresses discarded from the night of my work holiday party (two weeks ago, mind you) when I didn't know what to wear and nothing fit, and sweaters that just don't have a home. This pile is imposing and intimidating, it's tall, and things disappear into it. It needs to be dealt with, but this cold, it makes for incredibly lazy evenings, after work when I just don't want to do anything.

In an attempt to break this flannel-jeans-boots-beanie cycle, I grabbed a couple of things that had managed to stay on their hangers: this plaid Pendleton skirt and a black sweater. Because things weren't quite 90s swingin' octogenarian enough, I added a hat and gold belt, which I picked up at an estate sale last month (the estate sale of what was surely a deceased 90s swingin' octogenarian).

It's fine but I still want warm weather, at the very least so I can deal with the clothes hanging out on my floor.

Wearing: Coat, sweater, skirt, belt, bracelet, ring, hat: vintage & thrifted // Tights: AA super opaque // Boots c/o ShoeMint


Anonymous said...

I am in LOVE with this coat! If you're ever looking to sell it... ; )

Heather P. said...

I'm with you on this weather. I woke up this morning to -3 degrees, and felt like just cashing in and going back to bed. As a college prof, though, that would mean a pile of angry emails from students who showed up at 8am, only to find that I wussed out. ;-)

I love this look, and can't wait for my apartment complex to actually clean the damn sidewalks so I can wear skirts and heels again!

Stay warm!

Michelle // Aliya and Lucas Vintage said...

totally agree with you, I have found myself leaving the house with plain black leggings and shirt but covered in a big winter coat. It just seems pointless to 'dress up' if it is too cold to be taking off the jacket anyways. I cannot wait for sunny warm days! The good news, I have noticed it stays lighter out longer...so spring is just around the corner!!

Anonymous said...

You have a knack for making me rethink eras I wasn't previously too keen on. The 70s and the 90s are generally my least favorite fashion decades, but you embody them perfectly and make them really appealing.

Paulette Hughes said...

I really love the boots! And I'm totally down with the '90s swinging octogenarian thing! The hat just tops everything off to perfection.

Jennifer said...

This outfit is beyond perfect!

I wish I was over the cold... it has barely been cold in Cali this "winter". Not to brag, I want cold! Tis the season! I guess the grass is always greener, right?

xo Jennifer


myedit said...

THAT COAT! I yelled it because I am really digging that coat. Vintage coats are probably the best ever.
And that estate sale sounds like the place to be...

Emily Baker said...

that coat is bad.ass.

Elizabeth said...

I love the golden coat but my favorite piece is that skirt! I've been looking for a good winter skirt and that is just what I have had in mind!

- Liz

a fickle heart

Sandra said...

love that coat! vintage finds are just the best!

latest fashion trends said...

lovely photo - love the one with your boots - are gorgeous!!

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