Monday, January 6, 2014

Maine, Part 1

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Oh how I miss New England. The pretty houses close together by the shore, and further and further apart as you wind your way inland, narrow roads canopied by pines, groaning beneath the weight of ice and snow (during this particular trip home at least), and icy, salty shores. While the entire region has my heart, if ever there was a place where I feel most at home and like myself, it's Maine. When I was younger, I dreamed of the day I'd escape for the bigger and brighter, now, I dream of the day I can go back. In a way, it’s less painful to live in the city, where major changes aren’t quite as apparent -- a building bulldozed here and there can’t compare to the scars left behind on a new clear-cut portion of land, previously lush with trees -- but the distance and knowledge of change makes me miss it no less.

While I have a feeling it will be awhile until we find ourselves permanently back in New England, a trip home for the holidays was exactly what I needed to come down off the past two crazy months. I can't believe it's been a year since I was last home, far too long. We were lucky enough to get a few storms while staying at my mom's, the perfect excuse to stay in and watch The Sound of Music parked in front of the woodstove. Ten days home also meant ten days to cuddle the heck out of our other kitty, Zeb, who's been staying at my mom's since last Christmas. Oh I missed him! He's been having a grand time of being an indoor/outdoor cat and terrorizing the local bird and chipmunk population.

I made a point of taking a ton of pictures while home, not difficult to do in such a beautiful place. I'll be sharing more next week!

What I wore, 6th picture down: Hat: Tamworth Lyceum, Scarf: KVT knits, Coat: ModCloth (last year)
What I wore, 9th picture down: Sweatshirt c/o Aeropostale, pants: J.Crew


Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about feeling most at home and like yourself. Sometimes I don't even realize I'm missing a part of myself until I come home and everything clicks into place again.

So happy to be living here full-time again! What part are you from?

Elliementary, My Dear said...

I've never been to Maine so it was really neat to see these pictures. Looks like a gorgeous state. Thanks for sharing!

Maddie Toy said...

i've always wanted to go to Maine!! these photos are gorgeous and you look so cozy. and i LOVE your infinity scarf!

Dus of Cuddly Cacti said...

Maine looks so unbelievably gorgeous, although being an Arizona desert native, i dont think i could handle that cold. one time we visited the Grand Canyon in a blizzard and I had a life realization on living anywhere cold. but anyway, i love your cozy winter wear as well, and how sweet is little Zeb! were the kitties not getting along and you had to separate them?

Rebekah said...

I was in Maine for Christmas, too, this year, but I wasn't as happy with the storms as you were. Losing power for a few days, even though we had a generator to run a few rooms, was not my idea of an idyllic Christmas. But it really wasn't that bad, and I'm mostly just spoiled. My husband's from Maine, so he was still in heaven despite everything.

Helena i Dora said...

Great photos, love your blog! : ) ❇♥ Blog written by two friends: ♥❇

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos - everything looks so much more quiet and relaxed there. :-)

Bea said...

That is such a good observation re: city living is less painful. I remember when we moved back to Aquidneck Island after a few years away all the fields we played in as kids, where we built our tree house, the ditch that became the skating rink...had all been clearcut and houses had been built, it was, and still is, sad.


Kate @ said...

Gorgeous! Oh, how I miss New England... I can't wait to return there someday. I think it's where I'd eventually like to settle down. Love it there!

Kate said...

Love your blog, and being from Maine, I know that feeling of homesickness (and, similarly, the cheering I do whenever I head up 295 N and spy the Maine Medical campus on the hill across the water!). Hope you get many more chances to head back to Vacationland in 2014!

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