Monday, May 6, 2013

Over (Last) Weekend: New England in Photos

  photo OrchidGrey_BostonTripApril2013-1_zpse85cf0e9.jpg
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 photo OrchidGrey_BostonTrip2013-14_zps511e234a.jpg

A trip to Massachusetts without spending as much time as possible with family and friends? Never! I was fortunate enough to finagle my way into spending a few days up in Beverly before and after the Blog Better Boston conference, and with a late flight out on Monday, I even got to spend some time in Cambridge with friends before flying home. On Friday, my mom and brother came down and, after breakfast at my favorite diner, we headed over to the Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary, where the chickadees all fell in love with my brother and his red hat. Sunday was a lazier day, that began with another diner breakfast, and ended with a trip to Ocean Lawn off rt. 127. And finally, in Cambridge, lunch at Charlie's Kitchen and a quick trip to Oona's yielded an excellent lobster melt and a new-to-me summer dress that I can't wait to wear. This trip was good for my heart in so many ways.


Adrienne Scott-Trask said...

This makes me want to take a trip out there asap! So pretty!
-Adrienne. xo

Citizen of the World
Citizen of the World

Kitsune-kun said...

those birdies are so sweet! what great snaps:)

punky said...


Bridget said...

So funny to think of you being at Oona's! Such a fun store, I've found some great hats and skirts there!

Let me know next time you come into town--I think I need to get you to JP to visit Salmagundi and Forty South Street.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great weekend! Beautiful pictures

<3 Lianna J @ Salem Style

Hannah McBride Hanlon said...

I lived in beverly and Salem for years, and still work in the Essex/Hamilton area. These pictures are beautiful. Its nice to see the North shore getting some attention for its beauty!

nicola lynde said...

Looks like a blast! I recently spent a weekend home with girlfriends and can't believe how much I laughed, hope it was the same for you!

HollyDolly said...

Thant photo of the flying bird is absolutely amazing. I'm in awe!

Emily Baker said...

i live in cambridge. and one of my besties works at oonas. such a great place.

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