Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A Few Small Goals for May

  photo OrchidGrey_MayGoals_zps231b831b.jpg
After moving to Pittsburgh, May has officially become my favorite month. As much as I love New England, the weather this time of year can be so dicey near the coast, but in Pittsburgh it really feels like spring, and it's wonderful! This city is so overwhelmingly green in the spring and summer, and in early May the scent of lilacs and wisteria fill the air of our neighborhood, wafting through the open windows. I have to admit, that's something I'm really going to miss when we move to our new place.

Flowers aside, we are so stoked to be moving next month, and May is going to be all about packing. I am determined to not relive our past moving mistakes, we were so incredibly unprepared when we moved here, with just three weeks notice, we concentrated solely on spending time with our family and friends, and not at all on packing. I'm still uncovering random boxes of junk (ex. an entire box of pens and receipts, oof). So with those past mistakes in mind, my May goals are as follows:

Pack up a little each week
This past weekend we cleaned out the garage in preparation for storing packed up boxes. I figure, if we box up a little each week, we're making our lives that much easier.

Get rid of stuff
This is essentially my life-time goal. I am so ready to be rid of the extraneous things in our lives. The papers, knick-knacks, and other random brick-a-brack just has to go. The solution?

Plan a yard sale!
We're planning to have a yard sale with our neighbors and a few coworkers towards the end of the month. I'm excited! Mostly just excited to get rid of stuff.

and... that's it! I'm keeping things short and sweet this month, because I know it will likely be insane. What are you looking forward to for May?