Thursday, April 18, 2013

Nine to Five

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What I wore:
Tee: Ralph Lauren/ Thrifted ($2)
Skirt: Vintage/ Thrifted ($1)
Belt: Vintage Dior/ Thrifted ($2)
Bag: Vintage Coach/ Thrifted ($20)
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell (ModCloth 2011)

Where I wore it: To the office

This time of year is truly my favorite, when getting dressed is easy again. Warm weather takes much of the guesswork out of my daily outfits, no more worrying about tights, layers, and which coat to wear. Spring and summer, to me, are much more fun to shop for than cold-weather months and I've been hoarding thrifted and vintage finds for balmy days since January.

I bought this vintage 70's skirt on the same day as the top, and I knew they'd go together perfectly. Stripes and dark denim will always be a go-to for me, a combination to keep in my back pocket for late-rising days and mornings when I just don't want to think.


Kitsune-kun said...

this is so perfectly simple and you look beautiful! those shoes are too cool:)

Megan Colwell said...

I cannot wait until my hair is as long as yourself. I've been growing it out for THREE years. Ugh. I don't know how much longer I can be patient.

The Nautical Owl

Heather P. said...

I get what you mean - in the winter, I feel like with all the layers I'm planning 3 outfits at once! My spring/summer wardrobe is always very simple and easy to throw on and go!

Amanda said...

Love the simplicity of this outfit, absolutely perfect for spring. And I am seriously jealous of your hair, it is fantastic!

blue roses said...

i have a nearly identical skirt, which i have not worn in ages; the sun and daffodils are here, so, time to bring it out! thanks for the inspiration (and the reminder... clothing gets lost too often in my closet)

The Littlest Smitten said...

Cute outfit. I agree Spring and Summer I'm most excited to get dressed. I do love layering in the autumn but after winter I'm so ready for easy outfits I can throw on without to much though. I can never have too many stripes in my closet either!

Anthea Lau said...

very nice and toned down outfit, love the natural waves in your hair and nice wooden wedges!
would you like to follow each other?

Larkspur Company said...

Just discovered your blog! Can't get enough of all the perfectly unique looks. We are so inspired by the Thrift Tips post--definitely going to look at the Rose Bowl Flea Market (one of our fave LA thrifting spots) with a little more strategy next time. xo!

veronika girlandcloset said...

Your hair looks stunning parted down the middle, Julie. I've been loving it. And yes, to stripes & dark denim it's an absolutely gorgeous combo, and always super fashionable. Happy Friday, love! xo

Jennifer said...

That is $1 well spent!

xo Jennifer

Sammi said...

So pretty! I love that it's casual, yet totally office-appropriate. Your hair is gorgeous, too. :)

xox Sammi

Katie said...

I much...envy your hair!


jenloveskev said...

you look so insanely beautiful in this post! Love it! Miss you my friend. xoxo

Josie said...

Love the simplicity of this! so lovely!


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