Wednesday, April 24, 2013


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These two, they kill me

After a week of feeling under the weather with bronchitis and one monster of a cold, I am finally feel on the mend. Despite having hypochondriac-tendencies, I can be pretty awful about taking care of myself when I'm sick, but this time I was forced to slow down and I feel as though I actually allowed myself the time I needed to get well. I usually force myself back to work prematurely, which is bad for me an everyone else! So, lots of TV, magazines, and sleep for me these past few days:

Say it with me now: Post! Civil! War! Dramas! Whoo! Exciting, right? I finished up Hatfields & McCoys last night, a History Channel miniseries, and I highly recommend it. The famous Hatfield/McCoy feud wasn't something I had given much thought to, but the cast is pretty amazing and it's very well shot. Well worth watching. I also just started Hell on Wheels, and so far am enjoying it. I'm also almost done with the second season of The Killing, have you seen this one? If you like Twin Peaks, there are a lot of parallels that can be drawn between the two: Pacific Northwest setting, murdered girl, secret lives.

Still reading My Life in France! Whoo, it's great, but taking me for-ev-er. I was warned beforehand that it slows down significantly about halfway through and that assessment is correct. I love how openly Julia Child talks about almost not getting her book published, I feel like My Life in France is one giant inspirational quote, but so much better. Next I'm on to Lean In and The Omnivore's Dilemma.

We made Scotch Eggs this week (don't write it off because it's "paleo", really it's just meat and eggs, seriously- make them), and they were so easy! I first had a scotch egg at the Ace Hotel in NY last year (wasn't staying there, just eating their food) and- because it was the Ace Hotel- I figured they would require some sort of complicated magic to create. Nope, super easy and SO good. I've also recently become obsessed with Mara Natha sunflower seed butter, it tastes almost like peanut butter, but better.

Listening to
Richard Thompson, David Byrne, Caspian (from Beverly!), Joy Division.

Thinking about
I recently read this article from The Atlantic- it's about relationships vs. ambition and staying in your hometown vs. moving away for work, you know, if you don't feel like clicking on the link- and while it didn't necessarily raise any new issues for me, it solidified the fact that I think I will always feel conflicted about living away from my family and closest friends. While I know this is an important time of growth for the two of us, I often get nervous about being so far away from those I love. I worry something will happen and we won't be there, that we'll miss things, that we'll miss what's important. This is something I think about constantly, and could probably write a whole lot more about.

Excited about
We move in a little over a month! I'm so excited to have a larger studio space and better light, there are so many projects I've had on hold because of space issues, and I can't wait to get started on them. I'm also just excited to be in a new space.

EDIT- For those of you waiting on my Whole30 post- I'm sorry! I haven't forgotten about it, just trying to find the time to sit down and write it!


Circa Style said...

Caspian is a great band! My fiance` is friends with them after playing several shows together! I'm so happy they are getting more and more popular!

Suzann Steele said...

Do you plan to do a post on your Whole 30/Paleo experience? I would love it! (If you did write about it, and I missed it, sorry!) I started Crossfit a month ago and I'm starting Whole30 on May 1.

eileen ragan | leaner by the lake said...

I had my first scotch egg last month and was totally blown away by how amazing it was! Might try and make them at home, now!

Orchid Grey said...

Suzanne- Definitely, right now I'm just trying to find the time to write the post and sort out how best to approach it. The Whole 30 was a pretty amazing experience for us.

Suzann Steele said...

yay! i'm looking forward to reading about your experience :) personally, i'm really hoping to break my sugar habit. i always yearn for chocolate or cookies after dinner :/

Heather P. said...

Glad to hear you're feeling better! I get what you mean about the conflict between living near family or leaving for work - my husband and I are going around about that right now. It's a hard decision to make, especially for couples...and super-especially if they don't agree.

Hannah said...

I read that article on relationships vs. ambition and it was really interesting to think about as I start to consider my life post-college. I'm finishing up my sophomore year so I still have a while to think about it, but deciding whether I would be willing to move out of state and be away from all my family and friends for a career is definitely a difficult decision. Thanks for sharing that article!

Alex said...

I get it. I just came off of two years traveling around the country working on political campaigns and the thing that sucked the most was not seeing my family and friends. Now that I'm in grad school and finally having the chance to reconnect with everyone, I've never been happier but you know: you've got to do what makes you happy. This opportunity you have is amazing but I'm sure that, if you'd like to, that you have enough experience behind you so that if you want to return back to New England, you can and get something that you'll enjoy. You're a smart girl and I know you'll figure it all out.

Katie said...

Feel better! Kitties always make me feel better =)


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