Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Shopping For:


Out of everything in my closet, there are two pieces that get worn the most: my brown sandals and denim cut-offs. While these pieces- at least the shorts- don't make frequent appearances on this blog, these are the pieces that inevitably get worn to death each summer. Not so much coping mechanisms, as simply a celebration of weather that allows me to wake up and throw on the same thing everyday - at least when I'm not at work.

Today, I'm starting a new feature that highlights the essentials of my closet, the things you may not see too often- or maybe you do- but make up the foundation of my wardrobe. Hopefully you can find it helpful when seeking out these items for yourself!
1. I recently thrifted a gauzy white button-up and instantly fell in love. It's light and airy and feels even cooler than a t-shirt in hot weather. Paired with my staple cut-offs or jeans, it has the power to transform a schlubby outfit into something that looks like I actually tried. Look for a slightly over-sized piece that ties easily at your hips, I've seen many a linen oxford shirt in the men's section of the thrift store!

2. I'm addicted to linen blend tee's and tanks, they're so much breezier than traditional cotton blends and just breathe easier. Plus, they have the added benefit of- again- looking like you care, when you really don't. These aren't as easily thrifted, but check the sale racks at J.Crew and Madewell for marked-down styles. If you take care of them (i.e. don't throw them in the dryer), they'll last forever and only get softer,

3. If there's one thing that gets me through the summer with my sanity intact, it's these cross-back bras from American Apparel. To me, there is nothing worse than wearing a bunch of padding and foam against your body on a 90 degree day...or even any day. I know low-profile bras aren't for everyone (especially if you're more... endowed than I), but I personally love them. The three of these that I own are still going strong after a year and a half of wear. Highly, highly recommend.

4. I often find myself at the library on particularly hot days, browsing books and magazines while taking full advantage of the air conditioning. A big straw tote is sturdy and roomy enough to fit plenty of books, along with any veggies or fruits I buy at the stand outside. Check your local thrift store, or etsy and ebay for vintage options.

5. Sunglasses that don't get tangled in my hair.Sunglasses are such a personal preference, but I love a round, oversized pair that goes with everything.

6. When it's especially warm out, I don't have too much patience for jewelry. I usually turn to earrings, but also love a stack of bright bracelets.

7. Brown sandals. These do not leave my feet. I have others, but the sandals I scored at Marshall's awhile back are simply the best and I force them to go with everything. I love a crazy shoe for the office or occasional fancy date, but in the summer, I need to be able to move easily. 

8. I have been living in this particular pair of wine-colored shorts from American Eagle since I bought them. They're the perfect length for me, not too short, not too long. They don't ride up, and it's easy enough to dress them up or down. I also bought them in white, and now want them in every other color. 

So you have summer essentials?


Caitie Schlisserman said...

I desperately want those sunnies and straw tote. I agree with all your essentials but would also have to add a big ol floppy hat!


stephmwilkes said...

so many fashion blogs post unattainable items, not easily found or purchased on a budget - thank you for posting things that are practical, affordable, and easy to find! i need those bras like whoa and i didn't even know it!

Orchid Grey said...

Caitie: i agree! a big floppy hat is a must!

Steph: Thank you! It's my goal to post affordable items here, and many of these pieces can be found at thrift stores, or stores like Marshall's and TjMaxx. and I can not recommend the AA bras enough, they're seriously all I wear 90% of the time, plus they last forever!

missris said...

What brand are the sandals? My very favorite and most comfortable sandals are dying a slow death and it's making me sad. I'm also going broke trying to replace them with shoes that keep letting me down/giving me blisters. Sad trombone.

Orchid Grey said...

Missris: The brown sandals I found at Marshall's are Lorenzo Chelini. They took a few days to break in, but are so awesome.

Birta said...

Instead of something like the AA bras I wear bikini tops a lot with tank tops and even low cut T-shirts. It's much more comfortable, like you said, than patted bras when it's really hot outside.

Denim cut-offs are a must also!

niki said...

i live in those american eagle shorts too! they're so comfy and the color is beautiful!
~niki <3

Rosy (of Raindrops on Rosy) said...

I still dont know how i feel about demin cutoffs or any for that matter. I just dont think its my personal style. I love to see it on other people though.

blue roses said...

lately, plain white v-neck tees and some fun patent leather sandal pumps are about all i can handle. and a-line skirts for work.

totally dig those sunglasses; i have a similar 1960s vintage nina ricci pair that i adore.


Melanie said...

Those bras! Need! Thanks for sharing. I've been on the lookout for something like that forever.

Great post! Love seeing your must haves.

monica said...

Yes, love them all! And I too have the shorts from AE…same color too. :)
great picks! Thanks.


Love those shorts & bracelets!

Cait Emma said...

mmmm yummy things! i lovvvve my yoga mat....especially during the summer, its all i want to do :0)

Ally said...

I bought a bunch of those AmApp bras, but the straps do get a bit scratchy in the heat. I gotta say, the Gap Body ones are even better fit/quality.

I love the color composition... pink & burgundy & white -- gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

This post is fun and informative..I think I have to pay closer attention to the essentials in my wardrobe.


Leah said...

I am so, so with you on the sandals. I actually just ordered the plain brown version of those ones from Asos - tbar is my favourite to keep long feet looking regular sized!
Australian summers (at least, mine) are long feats of heat endurance, and for about eight months of the year I need open, breezy shoes. My Swedish Hasbeens have also really paid for themselves in this capacity.
Headscarves and hairties are complete essentials for me, I really can't stand my hair on my neck in hot weather - like wearing a woolly scarf all summer!