Thursday, July 12, 2012

Flower Palette

In this outfit:
Tank: J.Crew ($10-ish sale)
Skirt and bag c/o Ruche
Belt: came w/ a dress
Necklace: vintage/Avalong ($15)
Wedges c/o Lulu's

Where I wore it: To the office!

A common theme that pops up on here is the idea of versatility. When I add something to my closet, I like to think about how it will fit in with the rest (which is sort of funny because my closet seems to be a clash of pattern, with a handful of hard working basic pieces), I like to envision myself not only wearing it now, but wearing it into new seasons as well. When I saw this skirt, I knew it would go with at least a few different tops since the pattern incorporated blues, browns, and warmer colors. Plus, since those warm, rustic tones are mixed with lighter hues like light aqua, it will transition from summer to fall perfectly. Of course I can't expect every single item to be completely versatile, but I think it's a nice exercise, something to help make the absolute most out of my closet. I'm always curious to know what goes through people's heads when they shop, do you have specific criteria you like your clothes to meet?

The weather has been an absolute dream these past few days, no humidity with cool evenings. We've been spending a lot of time relaxing after work on our porch and walking through the neighborhood. The cicadas are insane and noisy, a whole different breed from the low buzz we'd occasionally hear back East, but I don't mind, I much prefer the cacophony of summer over the silent hush of winter (although you're likely to hear the exact opposite out of my mouth come December). With this pleasant weather, it's easy to understand why Pittsburghers love it here in the summer (maybe not so understandable in the 95 degree hell of last week) but I'll admit: it's been hard not to think of the ocean. And of our friends back home. I guess each summer has it's memories that you wish you could go back to.


Marlena said...

oh wow, that skirt is gorgeous. it looks like a painting, and i love the long length. just like you said, i can see wearing this in all the seasons.

And I don't really have criteria when I shop- other than it has to be colorful and patterned. i always try to imagine what I can wear it with when it's already in my closet, and if I can't piece it with at least 3 things then i don't get it. because then it's just a waste!

Audrey said...

This is a nice skirt. When I shop I always imagine what I'd wear the particular item with. I hardly buy anything on impulse. I have to think about it then buy. In the end my wardrobe has become pretty versatile.

Girl and Closet said...

Great to hear that your heat wave has subsided, and that you & Chris are enjoying such lovely evenings... Martin & I have been doing much of the same, it's the best!! :D

And this post is so beautiful, Julie! I adore the skirt - it's a length that I can't get enough of lately and your styling is perfect. Those shoes!! Hope your day is awesome! Smooches! V

Morgan Erina said...

When I buy a piece of clothing, I like to make sure that I will wear it for a very long time! :) What are some good thrift stores in Pittsburgh?

I know what you mean about thinking about home. I've been pretty homesick for New York City the past few weeks, I need to plan a trip to see the family :) You should too!

Anonymous said...

You seem to have an endless supply of fabulous maxi skirts! Love this one, Julie.


StephG said...

The last sentence of your post had me nodding :) Sometimes moving forward means leaving things behind....but you get some awesome new experiences in exchange! Great thoughts on shopping too, I try to be practical shopping, but sometimes something has a 'magic' quality when I try it on and I can't leave it behind.

MrJeffery said...

pretty! love the skirt.

Alexis said...

Pretty pretty pretty! I love the skirt, you're right it does look perfect for transitioning to new seasons.

blue roses said...

you have worn that brass necklace a few times now, and each time my heart is in pain with envy. so lovely and just so different from anything i own; classic in design yet oddly rustic feeling too. perfect match with that lovely, and yes, versatile, skirt!

the wonderful thing about shopping, especially thrifting/consignment and vintage shopping or even just browsing strange boutiques, for those of us inclined for an adventure, is discovering those unique pieces that are versatile in spite of themselves. we all have those staple stores for basics, j. crew, gap, banana, macy's, neiman's, whatever. but finding something new and exciting, maybe on trend, or maybe just a traditional piece re-envisioned, is what makes styling and shopping exciting. then, incorporating that into the various permutations with basics.i am sure, for many women, that skirt would be baffling; it is pleated, has many colors, a longer but not full length... with the right mind set, the right creativity, though, it easily assimilates.

look forward to more looks this summer and autumn!

Rosy (of Raindrops on Rosy) said...

I don't know what's going through my mind...actually sometimes I'm thinking of how awesome I'm gonna look in front of my friends hahaha I'm sure I'm not alone their...we all have our "holy crap I'm so excited I found this" moments...followed quite quickly by our "I. Am. Such. A. Bad ass." You look great. I love this skirt on you...of course you look great in everything:)

Ally said...

You make the skirt look amazing. I love the unexpected pop of mint in the shoe (not to mention the great practical/eccentric cutout shape).

Great photos, too!

dandeliion said...

Love this!

Chaucee said...

What a gorgeous skirt and necklace!!


Very stylish.

Bea said...

This is so nicely written! We're dreaming of you as well. Six more days! xoxoxoxoxo.

Dorothy Explor'r said...

beautiful skirt.

nicola lynde said...

This is a great skirt, the colours are fantastic. I love the idea of versatility in clothing. I used to have a wardrobe filled with one-offs but after changing countries so many times I really try and shop for things that will go the distance. My rule of thumb (especially when thrifting) if it doesn't look good with what I have on, then it's not coming home with me!

Steffys Pros and Cons said...

your wedges are amazing and so different!

Steffys Pros and Cons

Jennifer said...

Great wedges!

xo Jennifer

The Littlest Smitten said...

Love this skirt. Such great colors and so versatile. I need to look at Ruche more often!

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