Thursday, April 19, 2012

Seeking Utility

In This Outfit: 
Dress: Dear Creatures (super sale from ModCloth)
Belt: AA ($16)
Shoes c/o Lulu's (restocked!)
Tights: UO ($4 super old)
Necklace: Vintage
Bracelets: Vintage/ Thrifted

It's Thursday. My taxes are done, I'm working from home, the sun is shining! After two plus weeks of what seemed like insanity- but was really just an f-ed up schedule and tax time- life is getting back to normal. As much as I'd like to think I'm the spontaneous type, I'm not. I need balance, I need warning when some kind of something is going to mess up my expectations for my day or week. For times like this- when I'm low on sleep and short on patience, I turn to the basics in my wardrobe to get me through. And what few basics I seem to have! With the majority of my closet being thrifted or vintage or some kind of mix, it's a clash of pattern and color, but, there are the few pieces like this dress that make life easy in times of stress and sleeping past all my alarms.

Stressful days and busy weekends are what I had in mind when I clicked 'purchase' on this dress. It's one color, a classic silhouette, and is some kind of mix between blue, black, and grey (in my brain, I tell myself that it can be all three depending on the accessories- don't tell me otherwise). The last time I wore it, I was in Texas and needed a quick outfit, and it worked.

Utility is what I look for in the new items I purchase for myself. As a general rule (though, not always), if I can't envision three different ways to style something, I typically won't follow through. I don't always apply this when thrifting, but do keep it in mind, it's a good way to ensure maximum wear out of the things I purchase, and cuts down on the 'completely ridiculous' that I can so easily fall prey to.

I'm curious: do you have any shopping rules?


Emily Baker said...

i think i've seen those heels on modcloth. i die. they look great on you :)

Kultur und Stil said...

I normally have a list with things that I miss in my closet - but that doesn't mean that I only allow myself to buy these things, it's just something for me to have better in mind what I need. and then, yes, my biggest rule is: before buying something I go through my closet and put together at least 5 (different) outfits with the "new" item, and if I don't have any things to combine with the new thing, I normally leave it in the shop or I buy it and go once more through my closet at home and then either keep it or bring it back. I really don't want things "sleeping" in my closet, only because I have nothing to wear with them...
Do you have any more rules?

xxx Anita

sarah said...

Love your look! The shoes are killer.


Megan said...

You are just lovely. And really like those shoes, too. I don't really have any shopping rules. Generally speaking, I like to go out with an outfit in mind, something I might of seen on a blog, and then try to find a similar match. If I don't really have a "list", then I end up spending way too much and stuff just ends up sitting in my closet. But that's just me :)

Charmaine said...

My rule is to only buy 1 item. I've bought 2 & 3 items at a time before & I always end up liking the first one & then the other ones are a waste of space & money. So, now I force myself to decide on my favourite in the more wasted money & wasted clothes.

kimberrleigh said...

So cute! I love the whole outfit, especially the shoes :)

sweet harvest moon said...

Before buying an item, I must think of at least 4 outfits!

Beautiful dress!

C Marcia (Sequins) said...

Those shoes are great, and I love having safe, happy clothes that you can thrown on easily without thinking too much! This one is great for that, because you look fabulous in it!

C Marcia (Sequins)

A Stylized Hysteria said...

Such a gorgeous, gorgeous outfit!! It might be a basic dress, but it looks so pretty on you.

I don't think I have any shopping rules except trying to avod paying full-price for anything! :D

Marlena said...

your shoes seriously make all your outfits

Taylor said...

I like how you consider the dress to be black, blue, and grey, because that's the same way I tend to look at clothing. Depending on what you wear with it, it can essentially become a different dress. When I'm shopping in "real stores" (I mostly thrift), I tend to think about the versatility of pieces, and whether or not I could find something similar and cheaper at a thrift store. Most of the time, the thrift store wins. When it comes to thrifting, though, I don't really have any rules. Thrifting just makes it easier to try out trends for super cheap.

Love the combination of the dress with the shoes (I seriously want those shoes, they're so cute!)

Caitie said...

LOVE that dress on you! I try to not be pursued by other opinions - if I love something, that's all that matters. I also ask myself if I can see myself wearing the piece with at least 5 things I already have... if I can't I do my best to leave it behind, but on those certain occasions I just have to take it home regardless :)


Jasie VanGesen said...

That dress is breathtaking. I can picture so many different ways it could be dressed up or down in my head. And with those tights and your hair up... winning combo!!

As far as my own rules of utility, my entire aesthetic is based on uniform-building. Pretty much EVERYTHING in my closet is utilitarian in nature. To some it may be boring, but for a fat girl on a budget who wants to look amazing and who can't shop in most stores, that basic uniform formula is a real life-saver.

Deppa said...

Oh that dress is really amazing, you look like a doll.

Have a nice day,
See you!

Julia A said...

That's a really great idea, your rule about being able to style things in three different ways before you buy it! If I had followed that earlier, I would've saved myself so many poor shopping decisions. I might borrow that rule from you for now on! Definitely important to have variety and practicality in mind when making purchases, especially online (where I tend to make my worst decisions thanks to last minute sales, eek).

I only have a few rules: unless something is hugely on sale, I try to avoid places whose business models I have issue with, like UO or Anthropologie or Free People (the CEO of the three companies contributes loads of money to the Republican party), but I'm not so good at following this rule since the brands are all marketed towards the exact demographic the CEO probably finds abhorrent. One really important rule, however, is bikeability: would I be able to bike in the outfit? This sounds silly but since I bike to and from work/campus every day, I wouldn't want to own that many clothes I'm not ale to bike in. Thankfully I bike in all kinds of clothes, even skirts and dresses, as long as I can move my lefts comfortably! :)

De Facto Redhead said...

"Do I REALLY have anything else that goes with this?" is my number-one rule when buying new. (By the way, you and Jentine were on a similar blogging wavelength today!)

Rae Veda said...

That is one of my most favorite dresses. xo, rv

amy said...

Taxes done! Sunny air! Sounds like a successful day :)

I know how stressful taxes can be. My mom does them for a living.....eeek!

But you sure look beautiful!
a bit like a ballerina (^.^)

sending you happy spells

ABBY! said...

Dresses are perfect for a quick early-morning-and-may-have-hit-the-snooze-bar-a-time-too-many. When I buy clothes lately, I always make sure I can wear it in several ways, or if not, that it's on a hell of a good sale :)

blue roses said...

it's funny, i have similar rules about purchasing full-price, non-thrifted, particularly more expensive items.... it needs to be a classic, or, i feel very unique without being too trendy. my other big rule, which ties in with being classic, is if i can style it for the office, as well as for play. then it is a golden piece and i move forward!

the dress is beautiful; i bet it looks stunning with a pair of indigo or mulberry tights, because of the navy-gray-black interplay.

Jamie Rose said...

I totally understand the early morning, slept too late outfit predicament. I love having nice simple dresses to throw on real quick. I fact, I did that today haha! I love this grey one of yours. It's so pretty. And your heels are amazing.

Gillian Striker said...

just gorgeous - i love this outfit so much! the dress is perfect, the necklace is stunning, and your hair looks really great in a top bun!


Steffys Pros and Cons said...

yay for taxes being done :) stress free! i am in love with the cut of this dress, it fits you perfectly!

Steffys Pros and Cons

Anonymous said...

This outfit looks great and you're awesome. This blog is just so inspiring, even when you post something as simple as photos of a jeans and tee outfit. So thank you.

Anonymous said...

Adorable outfit!! :)

My shopping rule: Always find the cheapest price. I am not a huge fan of shopping in stores (unless it's a thrift store) because I can always (well 90% of the time) find it cheaper online. I know my measurements and sizes so online shopping is fairly easy for me.

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