Saturday, April 21, 2012

A Few Things I'm Loving

Maybe it's the cold, rainy day outside, or the fact that I've just now stopped moving after a day of cleaning the hell out of our apartment, but man, all I want to be wearing right now are those paisley pants and a sweater. The weather has been so up and down lately, yesterday it was 82 and today it's 45, blahhhhh.

Here's what else I'm digging this week:

1. The Sonics Pandora station (I'm going on hour 5 and it's still SO good!)
2. DIY cut offs, I want to make the white lace pair!
3. These wind chimes would look pretty on our porch.
4. 3D Cats.
5. I'm not one for super fancy bags, but this one's pretty.
6. A floral DIY, by yours truly.
7. I'm in love with this cat dress.
8. This book is on my wishlist.
9. You can still enter the Poshlocket giveaway!
10. I'm seriously so enamored with this dress, light blue and yellow is so pretty together!

Have a great weekend!