Friday, October 14, 2011

Have a great weekend!

Halloween 2005
(a crappy zombie, Richie Tenenbaum, a troll doll)

Are you excited for Halloween? I am but I have no idea what I'm going to be this year. I always end up being something kind of ugly or off-putting, never anything cute for some reason. Maybe this year will be different!

Have you seen Jessica's genius Halloween ideas? I think the Hamburglar is my favorite!

Did you know I used to play the trombone? For a brief stint in the 8th grade, until it got too cold out to practice in the barn! I think I need this darling dress to remember my time in the brass section!

I would love to get this very manly notebook set for Chris to keep track of things with.

Have you seen Ruche's new fall look book? This is my favorite look of all, I love the lace top!

I love this cute denim dress, can't you see it working for all seasons?

A classic bomber jacket is perfect for fall.

I'm completely in love with these creepy-cool candlestick holders, they would look great on my kitchen table.

I love this DIY of Elsie's, wouldn't it be great to do with a quilt?

I'm on Pinterest now and completely obsessed!

Have a great weekend!


Joy said...

Great links for the weekend. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Boo, the links to the photos don't work : (

Personally, my dream halloween outfit is a corpse bride - a wedding dress like Stephanie Seymour's in the Gun's N Roses 'November Rain' video, but with white and black skull make up and blood stains and rips like I got attacked on my wedding night, died and came back as a bride-zombie : )
Can you believe Jessica made her own ballgown for the Halloween costumes posting? Jaw on floor. I can do a hem, that's about it!


P.S. Did I tell you already I love your new hair? Did you get the ends layered and did they do it with razors? I am getting something similar done soon, with natural looking highlights, so I don't end up with the dreaded 'hair hat', LOL.

Meli said...

I play the trombone too! Boners unite! That is one crazy dress. Thanks for the laughs!

Wedding Themes said...

I am waiting for your more horror Halloween ideas :O

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