Monday, August 1, 2011

Over the Week(end)...

Holy cow it's August! Please excuse the excessive amount of photos today, I thought I would do something slightly different and show what I've been up to for the past week. Why is it that everything gets crammed into the summer? Winter seems to slowly pass by, while summer goes at an alarming rate, so much to do. Anyway, last week was one of those weeks that was just crazy, lots of doing things and not much blogging. Top to bottom, left to right, play by play:

The Swapaholics and respective male companions attended Stuff Magazine's Hot 100 party, where we made friends with some very fantastic boys in very fantastic outfits (I wore a blue dress, undocumented).

Wednesday brought with it the Best of Boston party at the Boston Cruise Terminal. I also received some new shoes (I'm dying) in the mail (check back tomorrow for my outfit).

Thursday night we sent to Sea Chanties at the local cafe after-hours (exactly what it sounds like- singing old sea chanties and drinking with friends).

Friday I forced myself to have some of the day off (a difficult thing to do) and went to the Chihuly exhibit at the MFA. It was amazing and refreshing to see art made for beauty alone, without a deep concept (perhaps this is a longer post in the future). my favorite piece was the Ikebana boat, and I wanted to lick all of it.

I even had time that night to clean out my closet in preparation for the next day's Swap Uncapped (more on that later). I was so happy to spend the day with some amazing ladies.

Sunday was spent in true relaxation mode. I took a tour of the local light-house, and watched the lobster boat races with three very good friends. Went to a car show and ate barbeque with a handsome soon-to-be-husband (!). and ended the day attempting to make wedding decorations with some very curious and disruptive kitties.

Also, also: today our wedding is officially 20 days away!


Julie Khuu said...

Looks like a perfect summer weekend spent with awesome company and great eats!! Love the lifestyle edition! Great post!

Peace. Love. LOL!

Haute Khuuture Blog

Alamodewearhouse said...

Those leopard lace ups will be a great addition to any fall wardrobe. I LIKE IT.

Bridget said...

The Chihuly exhibit was great, I do love living within walking distance and having free admission (thanks MIT!)

(20 days?! hard to believe, so exciting!)

wildchild said...

ha i know what you mean about everything being crammed into summer. it's just easier to do things in the summer. you don't have to spend 20 minutes getting all bundled up and then drive around in the snow. buttt it looks like you're having a wonderful one and how exciting that your wedding's only 20 days away!! so excited for you :)

guildedsecret. said...

oh wow! i know how you feel about summer going by so quickly - can you believe its august? yikes.... its awesome that your wedding is so close now :)

with love,

Dana @ What the Frock? said...

Those boots. WANT.

Kitsune-kun said...

looks like fun! lovely snapshots:)

Michal said...

Looks like such a good week! I saw one of your Chihuly photos on instagram.. i wanted to see that exhibit so bad! One of my friends who lives in Boston said it was incredible.

Stacey Kay said...

Awww that kitty picture is too cute. I love those leopard boots as well.

Stacey Kay
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Jessica said...

Great picture! Love how you just threw the cat in there!



ohh perfect look! great blog u have

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