Thursday, August 18, 2011

My, how your garden grows

Hi, Orchid Grey readers! I'm Indiana from Adored Austin. Like Julie will be soon, I am married to a dude named Chris, too. One thing that Chris and I do together is garden. In fact, our garden is usually the backdrop for my outfit photos, but I've never really taken the time to write about what it means to us.
We live in Austin, Texas, and it is hot here. It's been well over 100ยบ every day for the last month, and the heat won't let up until close to the end of October. Even in the winter we rarely get nights below freezing, so this means if we plan well, we can garden all year round.
We grow mainly edibles: lettuce, corn, peppers, and lots and lots of basil. I make a killer pesto sauce.
We grow flowers that attract hummingbirds, too, and it always seems magical when we see those tiny little birds getting their fill of nectar.
Gardening is a lot like marriage, I suppose. Both require patience, care, diligence, and smart pruning of things that could harm it. Both give you things of nourishment and things of beauty.

Our son Jude is ten months old and he loves being out in the garden. Just today we caught him snacking on fresh basil.
He's growing like a weed!
The next time you're in Austin, look me up. I'd love to make you some pesto pasta.


curious constellation said...

This is amazing! I love gardening but have never done it properly so it's about time I got a move on. & That photo of Jude really cracked me up!

Chelle Lynn said...

What a beautiful garden! My dad lives in North Texas and has been trying for years to develop a flourishing veggie garden...but, weather, rodents, and general procrastination generally kill everything but the jalapenos. I'd love to have the space and patience one day to have a garden of my own!

akiko said...

Your garden looks awesome!! I grow basils too but it doesn't like yours at all.. Maybe need more sun. The last photo of you looks so beautiful too :)

Sarah said...

Yummy pesto pasta! I don't really garden much as most things I try to look after die :-(, but your garden looks superb. I love your dress too.


Ruth said...

I would love to spend time in my own little veggie patch growing my own food! Its a shame that where I live has no land and is surrounded by concrete. There is literally nowhere to even put a small planter without somebody parking their car pretty much on top of it! I can't wait to get my own space in a few years :)

Angie D said...

Aw! I love this, Indiana :) Your garden is amazing! And Jude is getting SO big, holy cow!

Anonymous said...

i love the color of the skirt in the last pic!!
love all thse pics!

A Stylized Hysteria said...

LOL at the picture of your son caught snacking! It's too precious. You have a lovely garden; I wish I had a bit of a green thumb.

Sarah Thompson said...

That garden is sooo lovely! So is that blue skirt you're wearing and those shoes ;-)

Kristyn Burtt said...

Cutest photo of Jude!


Virginie's Cinema said...

Great post Indiana!

That little Jude eating the basil: cutest thing I've seen ever! He looks like he's only half sorry he got cought too!

Scarlet said...

Love you and your posts, Indiana! I learned something about gardening and the fruits of marriage in this post :)

Sweet Harvest Moon said...

Great post! Your garder looks great :)

Natalya's Closet said...

Awww, your son is adorable Indiana!! I love the guest post! XOXO,

Punky said...

now that i now you have spare room, we are so visiting!!!

clementine* said...

i love this garden! and the baby is so cute :)

Jess said...

Maybe someday when I am no longer living in an apartment I will acquire a green thumb. The pic of Jude is adorable!

wildchild said...

the last photo of you is gorgeous, with your skirt hanging down like that. my boyfriend and i are planning on moving down to texas from new york last summer and i can't wait to live in a climate where i can garden all year long. no freezing nights sounds like heaven to me :)

DalenaVintage said...

Such a thriving garden! I just moved back to Austin and have a tiny apartment. I definitely miss my days of having a large garden. Potted gardening is my new challenge!

dusanabotswana said...

I loved hearing about your garden, such pretty & tasty-looking plants & wow, look at all those leafy greens behind you! Do you ever have to shade things? That is the biggest problem for us in Phoenix with the heat/sun. Love you pleated skirt & the pic of Jude is precious.

Miriam said...

You, your clothes, your baby, and your garden are all gorgeous! :)

Indiana said...

We don't shade things. We have tiny (new house) trees with very little shade. We just make sure to follow the Austin planting guide for hot weather plants and we water with drip hoses in the mornings.

@everyone else
Thank you! My baby is a laugh riot and my garden is one of my favorite things about our house. We have six raised beds in our tiny 1/10th of an acre lot.

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