Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My heart is full

Hey guys, Punky from here. When Julie asked me to write about "summer love", I got really nervous. As much as I love blogging about weddings, I'm really bad at expressing my feelings. We are now 3 days away from the first wedding I have ever attended of two really good friends. To say my heart is full of excitement for Chris and Julie is a complete understatement. I have been bugging them for weeks with unsolicited advice and handmade decor for their wedding. I'll probably be a wedding planner in my next life, which could be soon if I dont stop trying to "help". So I bought these two little heart pillows made from vintage chenille blankets because I thought they would be cute props for their photo booth, but this is the first Julie is seeing of them. Surprise!








I cant wait to spend this weekend celebrating with you guys!
Yay #Orchidgreywedding


jenloveskev said...

yay! yay! Yay! I seriously can not wait for the wedding! I am dying over here. LOVE THE PILLOWS. These will be adam's best photobooth pictures to date! #orchidgreywedding

rental mobil said...

Very nice, thanks for sharing.

wildchild said...

i think it's so cute how excited you all are for julie's wedding. y'all are so sweet and supportive :) it seems like it's gonna be a real party

JC Rineer said...
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Anonymous said...

this is darling! wonderful idea

Virginie's Cinema said...

Yay for Julie & Chris' wedding!

I'm adoring this series of guest posts look forward to seing you again soon on the blog!

Virginie ♥

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