Tuesday, July 19, 2011

July 19, 2011: Denim, Linen, Leather, Canvas

Shirt: Thrifted ($5)
Shoes: Thrifted ($10)
Silver bracelet: vintage (old)
Wood bracelet: Swapped
Bag: Thrifted Coach ($15)
Well, it turns out all that sleepy-headed-ness of last week was just me being slowly and persistently stalked by my annual summer cold. This happens every year, and as much as it sucks to be sick in the middle of July, at least it's not the middle of August (wedding times). Blah. I've been laid up for two days at home, I'm getting antsy!

At any rate, this is what I wore on Friday, pre-sick. I'm glad I coerced Chris into taking these photos or else I would have nothing for you. Friday was a day spent running errands, but I wanted to look nice since I've mostly been rocking my cafe uniform 24/7 (cut-offs and tank tops), and I worry Chris may be forgetting that I have the ability to look nice.
I'm a little bit obsessed with this denim top, five bucks goes a long way: I can wear it alone or atop dresses to completely change the outfit. I'm thinking I may need a few more like it.


Anonymous said...

Very cute outfit! I hope you feel better soon :)


Julie Khuu said...

The epitome of summer fresh looks! A little denim, a little floral, a lot of sass! YOu look great here doll!

Peace. Love. LOL!

Haute Khuuture Blog

Charity said...

summer colds are so unfair! Colds are supposed to stay in winter. :)

Steffys Pros and Cons said...

those shoes are so pretty, and i love the top tied up like that!

Frannie Pantz said...

What a cute outfit! I hope that you feel better soon!

Vanessa said...

I can't believe those shoes are thrifted. So jealous!

chantilly said...

sheesh, that denim top is pretty great- i'd love the heck out of it too, if it was mine!


Lauren Hairston said...

I love that bag and can't believe you got it for $15! Amazing! You always inspire me to go check out what's in my local thrift stores--I'm still hoping I'll come across a decent handbag.

Sweet Harvest Moon said...

So pretty! Love this outfit :)

curious constellation said...

I am in love with this look! Wow! It has just done something to me, it's so pretty while still being casual. Perfect.

wildchild said...

pretty as always :) i hope you feel better soon!

Anonymous said...

i looove the shoes and the bag is pretty cute!!!

D E E R said...

That cornflower blue is your color!

Chloe said...

Such a favourite outfit of yours. Love the shades of blues.

C x

Michal said...

Ah yes, I have a denim top that I find myself throwing over almost anything. Love it over this dress & the espadrilles were the perfect addition!

I've got a summer cold too which really sucks seeing as I'm leaving for a mini-vacay tomorrow. Oh well. I hope you feel better soon!!

Stella said...

love the espadrilles wedges! they are gorgeous with your outfit


herecomesthesun said...

My summer is still a few months away but you're getting me excited to wear lots of classic denim!


Summer colds are so odd. I think I had one not too long ago, but called it "allergies", as having a cold in the Summer just seems wrong to me.

You always look lovely in denim.

Julie Del said...

Love the skirt! What a score!

Julie Del @ J.Bird

Jamie Rose said...

I really love the denim shirt you wore on top of that pretty dress. Amazing shoes too. Everything about this outfit is perfect!

Vintage-Mardle said...

Lovely outfit, loving the denim top and the bag.


Laurelann said...

I absolutely love the way you styled this! I have two similar denim tops and your outfit has definitely inspired me to try this out this weekend between a hiking trip and choi kwang do meetup. I've recently been overtaken by men in my own house and it's nice to feel feminine sometimes by dressing up. I really love this combo.


Frantic About Frances said...

Lovely outfit! I too have had a weird summer cold for about 5 weeks now, it just won't go away!! Hope you feel better soon. xxx

Caroline said...

This outfit is adorable! It looks perfect for a hot summer day. And I hope you feel better soon! At least you can use your cold as an excuse to stay out of the summer heat, lol.


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