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April 6, 2011: Products I've tried and loved

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My brother is in town visiting, so no outfit post today. But I thought I'd do something a little different. I used to be the type of person who bought tons of products, but lately I feel as though I've found ones that I'll use forever. These are a few that make up my morning routine:

Clockwise from the left:

OLO Fragrances: I just bought samples in Lightening Paw and Valens and am swearing off "designer" fragrances for good. These are hand mixed in Portland, OR and are the complete opposite of the sugary sweet and saccharine store bought perfumes. I can't stop smelling my wrist when I have them on.

Alba Very Emollient Body Lotion: The one pictured is the one I use. It smells nice, but doesn't take over, plus it has SPF in it and alpha hydroxy acids, which slough away dead skin (gross, I know). I buy the large size which is a little costly (about $20-25.00), but it lasts me more than a year. You can find this at Whole Foods or Target.

Moroccan Oil: It may sound counter-intuitive to put oil on freshly washed hair, but it makes my hair super soft and manageable. I concentrate in my ends and don't put it on my roots, let my hair mostly air dry, and then blow dry the rest. It's a little costly, yes, but again, it lasts forever. I bought mine at a salon, but I've seen it at drug stores too.

GHD Flat Iron: I got mine in a set when I worked at a salon. I can say from experience that good quality hot tools make a huge difference. This heats up fast and has a regulated temperature. I use it to style my bangs in the morning.

Stila for J.Crew Convertable Color in Camellia: I bought mine in-store, and couldn't find a decent link online, but I highly recommend this. A reader commented on Monday's post about my terra-cotta cheek color, which was achieved by using this in "Camellia". I looks great on everyone and can be used as a lip or cheek color. It's a nice, non-chalky alternative to bronzer.

Do you have products you swear by? Any to recommend? If you have any questions about these I would be happy to answer!


Hannah said...

Hi! Newer reader here-love your blog. I have used that version of moroccan oil before but I found a better version of it by Very Sexy Hair. It works a lot better, and is a lot cheaper. Maybe check it out next time you need to stock up!!

Carrie at La Rizada said...

i swear by josie maran's argan oil. you can get it at sephora, it's all natural, and it's also a type of moroccan oil. it's pretty much all-purpose; i use it on my cuticles, as a facial moisturizer when i'm getting dry, on the ends of my hair, on my's amazing!! light for an oil, but completely magical.

i also love booth's manoi dry oil right after i get out of the shower....smells like coconut!

Emily, Ruby Slipper Journeys said...

I'm not very producty, but I do swear by Nivea's soft face cream. I enjoyed this actually. Seeing as I'm not very up on these things, it's good to get a recommendation once in a while.

Amelia said...

hehe that was me! and thanks for the info, i really love how it looks on you.

bettec said...

Holy smokes. My product recommendations would take up sixteen pages, so let's just say I second the Alba lotion (though I can't find the big size in Canada anymore, sadly...), the Stila (I have it in Poppy...which I adore and get compliments on all the time), and the Moroccan Oil. I have the Chi flat iron pictured in your post (I know you said you use another brand) but I also purchased the FHI in a wider size and it kicks the Chi's butt! :)

Okay I'll add -one- rec:
Essie Good To Go top coat. It dries my nails faster than anything I've ever used before, and the finish is perfect! A+++

fashion party redux

archives said...

ive never heard of moroccan oil, but am ALWAYS looking for products that make my hair soft and shiny!

QueenVII said...

My mom turned me onto Moroccan Oil and it is amazing! Best hair oil ever! it is kind of expensive, but i have been using the same bottle for over 6 months now... $40 for more than 6 months? That's less than $7 a month for the best hair product i have ever used. Its made with argan oil i think and look for soaps that have it in it. so great for your skin!

kileen said...

oh i've been super curious about Moroccan Oil and am glad to hear it works out for you!

cute & little

Melis said...

i love product posts. i would like to see more please :)

Melis said...

thanks for the comment. i love your blog. i liked the hair tutorials :) follow me please!

sparkle is a color (Katrina) said...

Moroccan Oil changed my life, that stuff is awesome. Organix (found at CVS) now makes some as well. The bottle is smaller, but significantly cheaper, and works just as well.

I'm going to keep my eye out for that body lotion, good ones with SPF are hard to come by!

I: said...

I love Moroccan Oil! Have you ever used Aveda products? They are made from plant derivatives and are really good for your hair. I love them. Also, have you ever used the Philosophy skin care line? Brilliant. Check it out online!

Chelsea's Girl said...

Love the Stila blush! Leaves a nice dewey/natural look to the skin.

Lexie, Little Boat said...

i love most stila products, especially their lipstains! most lipstains are like markers, but there's pumps out the color so you have so much more control in the application. i am super happy with it.

KateLainey said...

Oh I love Alba! I have the shaving cream and it seriously has lasted me forever. Great products. :)

kiki said...

yess moroccan oil is great, and i'm also a bumble and bumble "surf spray" junkie. if i had more money to blow on hair product, it would also be spent on an aveda's "sap moss" line...smells like the earth, so great. as for make-up- i swear by benefit from sephora. and for fragrances, i pretty much only wear essential oils from demeter and "honey & the moon" by tokyomilk (my absolute favorite).

Neira said...

Mmm good idea about the moroccan oil, I shall try!

Miss Neira

Maggie said...

I'm a big Morrocan Oil fan myself as well- I'm also a big fan of Kevin Murphy Easy Rider. Check it out!

Laura said...

I love good product rec's, so here are my current favorites.

1) Kiehl's Gentle Foaming Facial Cleanser. I just switched to this from Mario Badescu, and it's pretty amazing. I also have the facial cream, which is great, but the cleanser is where it's at. You need a dime size amount and it will last so long.

2) I'd be lost without Benefit High Beam, I think its a miracle worker. I usually use it over foundation in place of an under-eye concealer to conceal circles. sometimes I use concealer too, but I think it does the job alone. I bought it at least a year ago, and I still have half a bottle.

3) I really love Rimmel's Sexy Curves mascara. Stupid name, but cheap enough, and the design of the applicator makes it really easy to get your lower lashes. (which before, was a horror show)

I also found a website that makes duplicates of fancy brand name (mostly mineral) makeup, and I swear I don't work for them, I just enjoyed their products! Because the samples were so cheap I bought a whole bunch of crap, and am definitely satisfied with the products.

Sorry this was so long winded, I should start my own blog haha

chelsea lee said...

Wow - we have pretty similar beauty loot style...

I love the Moroccan oil and I use Alba, but I use their cocoa butter lotion - I love the smell and it's extra moisturising. I use the same flat iron too! Will have to look up the perfume as I'm not too much a fan of most brands. I've been wearing oils forever, with the exception of Stella McCartney and Clinique. Great list!!

Vintage-Mardle said...

Great product recommendations, I wish I could get Alba easily here in England, it sounds fantastic.

I love Kiehls Creme de Corps whipped body butter but it is so expensive so can't aford to use it any more.

As for Perfume I use Long Winter Farms Black Coconut or Miller Harris L'Air de Rien

I love Dr Hauschka Neem Hair Oil, and although pricey at £20 a bottle it does last me 6 months or more.

I also go down to my local foreign food stores as they always stock items from far flung places with natural ingredients, and they are often about quater of the price of UK brand items!

Thanks for the top tips and recommendations.

Alice said...


I'm from Brazil and I really Love your Blog, your hair, you tips hair... everything here!

Hugs From Brazil! <3

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