Friday, April 1, 2011

April 1, 2011: Things That Made This Day Better

Oh man, the weather today is awful. I woke up not-so-bright-but-extremely-early this morning to head into the city for an interview, which I believe to have gone well (and thank you to those who knew about it and wished me luck!). For some reason, I have the worst luck with the weather on interview days. It's either pouring, hurricane force wind, or raining and snowing. Today it was all three. I woke up to a blizzard which eventually just turned to rain.

All was not lost though, the view from the train was beautiful and I picked up the new ReadyMade from Trident Booksellers:
I always make a point to stop in and check out the sale at Madewell, I picked up a skirt, two necklaces, and a t-shirt. I also came home to new shoes on my doorstep (thanks, Blowfish!):
I love coming home to two busy cats. Today they were playing with a milk top and too rambunctious to pay much attention to the camera:
When all else fails to make a nasty day better, rustic cinnamon raisin toast with tea:

Things could be so much worse though, they've already got 8 inches of snow further North. Chris and I are going to the cinema in town tonight to see True Grit. Are you getting snow or rain where you live? Any plans for the weekend?

Have a great weekend!


Tanglewood Baked Goods said...

The moving cat-tail picture kills me--too adorable. Hope you hear positive news back about your interview!

Steffys Pros and Cons said...

mm the raisin toast looks delicious. sometimes these rainy ugly days spent indoors are the best days. i am taking my bf out to a birthday dinner tonight, and thrifting tmrw... thats the extent of my plans :)

<3 steffy
Steffys Pros and Cons

Lina said...

Finding the joy in things like cinnamon raisin toast is the best way to get through the day. Enjoy True Grit, I really loved it :)

cb said...

sorry to hear you had a bad day sweetie! i am sure that yummy cinnamon toast helped though and as always a little shopping pick up!

no rain and crossing my fingers that we don't get any this weekend! we are going on a couple bike rides, yay!

enjoy your weekend!


B said...

Um, those shoes would definitely lighten up any poor mood!

wildchild said...

what a lucky woman to just come home to new shoes. no rain or snow here, but it's definitely not looking like spring yet. how disappointing. and True Grit was so good. have fun tonight :)

Charmaine said...

It's true, cinnamon toast & tea will fix just a world of problems. I could use some of that right now.

I hope your interview went well.

Alex said...

you will have a beautiful spring soon enough! but in the meantime, you enjoy that dreary weather, missy, it's 97 (already!) where I am and it's only getting hotter :( I would KILLLLL for some rain!

your breakfast looks fabulously comfycozy though and new shoes day is always a wonderful day!

and holy crap, my word verification is p ness. not kidding. sorry, I'm a 14 year old boy trapped in the body of a 14 year old boy, yet I'm still a 24 year old woman.

have a wonderful weekend :)

Hannah said...

Yay for simple pleasures! No rain here, but our mild weather is over, I think. It was in the 90s today. Gross.

Orchid Grey said...

thank you for making me laugh, Alex!

Lexie, Little Boat said...

oh what a day! and my cat loves to play with milk tops and twistie-ties! kitties are so funny.

Anna said...

I love these photos, they're so cute.

antonia said...

my bff called me at work and invited me to a club (i dont do clubs) for someone elses' party. i said yes and had a blast! there was a live band doing covers of dance music, sooo much fun. good luck on the job!

Dawn said...

Julie...I love how you styled this post in a collage looks just beautiful...hope you are having a lovely Saturday..Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo

mandiimae said...

we had sun and high of 74 yesterday...but it's starting to look a little blustery outside right now. utah weather is bipolar! ;)

fiona said...

No snow or rain for me! I can't believe it's still snowing for you guys -- and people say England has bad weather!

Love the peek out of the train window. I've never been to your part of the world and I'm always curious to see more.

Hope your interview went really well!

Penny said...

i always think that paying attention to small things and getting joy out of them can lift away even the biggest problems!! :) great post!

Kimberellie said...

This is a great post. Seems like you had a good day despite everything! Sadly I am writing this on Sunday and the weekend is over. Sigh. But soon another weekend will come! They always do!

heart: Kimberellie

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