Tuesday, July 20, 2010

New York, American Woman, and the LOFT Holiday Preview

Last week I enjoyed a mini road-trip out to upstate New York, invited by Jen to come and visit and to attend the LOFT Holiday Preview with her. I'm so excited for Jen's little baby to arrive- only six more weeks!- but I'll admit that I'm glad we were able to spend some time together before the little one gets here. Jen is one of my favorite people that I've met through blogging, and JenLovesKev was actually one of the blogs that inspired me to start Orchid Grey. She and Kev are such kind and genuine people. Anyways, in my head I imagined us hitting the town, going to vintage stores and having the city at our fingertips, but the weather gods had another idea for us: torrential downpours! Luckily when we got off the train at Grand Central, we had just enough time to hop a subway and meet Jessica at the MET before the rain started. We started our day by exploring the MET's exhibit American Woman: Fashioning a National Identity.
Photo: Jen
I was really excited for this exhibit, aside from my love of vintage fashion I am also really interested in women's studies and was curious to see how the show would address both. While I loved the backgrounds and the clothes were beautiful, I was disappointed that the exhibit ended at the 1940's and didn't even get into World War II. How can you have an exhibit on costume and women's lib without addressing WWII? Unfortunately they didn't allow pictures, but I found this video of the exhibit on the website. As you can see in the video, the exhibit ended with the unfortunate video room that grouped the 1950's, 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's and 00's together in a video montage. Six very different decades is a little too much to just cram into a loud room with Lenny Kravitz blaring in the background (the very cliche but appropriate American Woman). But that's just me. Anyways, my favorite pieces in the collection were the 1920's sporting uniforms:
After the MET, we made an unsuccessful escape attempt by purchasing the stupidest $25 umbrellas ever (yes, still bitter) and making a run for it. Unfortunately, the rain was just too much for us and we ended up taking a u-turn on the steps of the MET and running back inside! After about an hour of wandering around the museum, the rain finally let up enough for us to find a diner and some lunch. With only a couple of hours until the preview, we spend some time wandering Broadway, I met a reader in TopShop (Hi Liz!) and Jen was smart enough to purchase some comfy post-travel clothes from Old Navy (I was not smart enough). We eventually made our way over to the location of the preview: an immaculate white loft just down the street.
Photo: Jen
This was really my first experience with LOFT, and I have to say I walked away from the event coveting more than one item from the line. Seeing beautiful winter/holiday clothes always makes me anxious for colder weather, I can't wait to layer!
Center photo: Jen
I'm completely in love with the grey moto sweatshirt on the left and the herringbone cape on the right, I can so easily see those fitting seamlessly into my current cold-weather wardrobe!
Photo: Jen
The faux fur hat on the right was another favorite. I actually had a hat like that for about five minutes when I was a kid: my dad brought it home from Russia. Sadly, the dog promptly mistook it for a rabbit and tore it to shreds!
Another favorite was the shrunken wool striped blazer in the background of the image on the right. I would pair it with dark blue skinny jeans and demure flats.
I wore my Spotted Moth Sonnet Dress (Friday's outfit was a repeat of this), which ended up being the perfect thing to wear. Dresses allow for so much movement, essential for running around the city all day. Unfortunately the combination of rain and sock-less feet led to some pretty gnarly blisters from my new shoes, but at least the top half of my outfit felt good! Jen and I were both all too happy to get back to her place and relax with a little Arrested Development!
Belt: Thrifted (old)
Shoes: Thrifted ($5)
I ended up being so thankful that I wore my hair up for the day, 85 degree heat and humidity would have done a number on it. Sleek ponytails save the day!

All in all it was a really great trip, I love getting into the city and can't wait to go back for Fashion Week in September!

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Kallie, Happy Honey and Lark said...

Oh I'm going to pop by that show at the MET one day this week. It sounds excellent. I feel like every time I go there to see something related to costumes its closed! You are so lucky.
The heat and humidity are truly awful. You seem to have made it out alive though! I'm ready for some layering weather as well though.

Rio said...

Super cute look! I love the dress:).

Yaneldys said...

Oh my goodness all those items are amazing!
I got caught in some of that wonderful rain yesterday and wasn't as lucky with my hair since it was down, I was a drowned rat mess! Glad you had a wonderful day with jen! :)

Sarah Dee said...

Im sorry the exhibit was disappointing but you looked great!!


AnnMarie said...

i cant wait to travel the world some day and most of all i love clothes and i love clair de lune, oh two of my favorite things in one short video

The Coastal Chicster said...

I am so jealous that you made it to the exhibit at the Met! I was up there yesterday with my mom, and we walked over to the Met, and...IT'S CLOSED ON MONDAYS! AAAAH! :) That's great that you were able to go, though. I saw the video online this afternoon when I was checking out the museum hours. I'm hoping to catch the next exhibit at The Costume Collection when I'm up in NJ/NY again.

Tina Z said...

I just moved away from CT and am sad to not see this exhibit, it looks like a good one. Thanks for the Loft photos!

Ellie Rose said...

Thank you for all the photos!

I would really like to see the exhibition at the MET (unfortunately I live on another continent ha!) looks extremely interesting though.

You look superb in the grey dress and black belt, really beautiful!

Ellie Rose xxx

Sam said...

Seeing that exhibit was one of the things I was planning on doing before I traded my life in NYC in for one in rural England.
Brushing over post WWII fashion is a major no-no in my book as well.
Looks like you had fun and I LOVE your blog.


Diya said...

ack! so jealous you got to spend the weekend in nyc! I'll be up there as well around fashion week... and this time i WILL make it to the MET!


ABIGAIL NY said...

great items and the shoes are lovely...

and if you could heart my picture at weardrobe:http://www.weardrobe.com/pictures/243270-vintage-yeah

Jammer said...

LOVE that dress! It looks so cute on you!

astr!d said...

how about another hair post soon????

sparkle is a color said...

I'm so jealous you had a genuine Russian fur hat! Even if it was short lived. I was just waxing poetic about Russia on my blog and how much I want a fur hat! The Loft one might have to do until I get to Russia to get one for myself!

Erin Cathleen said...

Ahh, love the LOFT preview... I am a former LOFT employee and let me tell you, ripping open the boxes each week to see what new items were inside was pure bliss/torture. Never again will I work in a gorgeous store and lose all my money to the new arrivals!

Anyway, you looked awesome in that outfit! Perfect for a day in NYC, indeed.

Liz said...

aw, julie! it was so nice to meet you and jen too! you guys are adorable. i wish i could say that the weather has improved since your visit, but alas. stuck in yucky humidity!

anyway, i'm glad you had such a good trip to nyc. come back soon and stop into madewell and say hi!



Lexie, Little Boat said...

what a great party look! i especially love those rockabilly-esque shoes!

chelsea lee aka spicklebee said...

those shoes are freakin amazing!! I love them. Very cute look and your hair is rockin too.

Love all the LOFT stuff - especially those black heels!

Anonymous said...

I loved the Gibson Girl looks as well as the 20s and 30s collection in the video. I wish I could see this exhibition in person!
Also love the herringbone cape and can't wait for more fall fashion.
I am so jealous you are going to fall Fashion Week!
Finally, loved your outfit and those shoes!!

-L said...

Such a sweet look!!

love it!

Danielle said...

Adorable dress! And holy crap, those are thrifted shoes? I thought they were from UO!

Yum Yum Diaries said...

I loooove love your clothes, ESPECIALLY this outfit! Too cute. I'm going to NYC this Winter (and to the MET) and this makes me more excited! Also, we're about the same size and I was wondering if you might tell me which size you got the Sonnet Dress in? (Invasive, I know, I'm sorry but I would appreciate your help!) I know it's out of stock, but I'm begging them to bring it back and idk if a S or M would be more appropriate.

Orchid Grey said...

Yum Yum: I got it in a medium (I'm about 34/26/36) but had to take in each side by about 1/2 inch so maybe go with a small. I liked the length of the medium though. good luck!

Yum Yum Diaries said...

Thank you so much! That's almost exactly the same (34/26/38)I'm terrible about taking things in to get them altered though so maybe I'll just get the small if it comes back.

Jessica said...

Can't believe those shoes are thrifted - they look brand new and they are beyond adorable.

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