Thursday, May 6, 2010

Couturious Scholarship Winner!

Remember the Couturious Scholarship contest? Well we have chosen a winner for the $2000 prize:

Connie Chang from Otis College of Art and Design!
Her winning look:
Travel Chic
Connie writes: "Hello, my name is Connie Chang and I am currently a Fashion Design student at Otis College of Art & Design. Fashion and fine art has always been my favorite subjects since I was very young and am continually educating myself to grow to become a bridal designer someday. I enjoy expressing myself through creating art and I love exploring those who create their own. I admire genuine people with kind hearts and passion, and believe success simply comes from hard work and determination. As much as I love traveling, "Travel Chic" is a perfect way of expressing the style of outfit I prefer to dress while I am on the road."

I absolutely loved Connie's "Travel Chic" look, definitely something I would wear to explore the streets of Italy or France in the summertime! Congrats Connie!


brooke said...

i saw this on another blog and loved it as well - the skirt is great!

Tanvi said...

She looks grt! Grt outfit too! Skirt is to die for!

Clare said...

Congratulations to her, what an awesome prize!

tweet tweet tweet


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