Friday, April 2, 2010

Shyness is nice

Well, I think I'm going to get this post in just under the wire, still technically Friday. I'm writing this from my mom's house in Maine, Chris and I drove this evening (he's over the border on new Hampshire visiting his family). I'm so happy it's the weekend! I've got a few fun things planned, and in-between I'm hoping to hit up some of the local church thrift stores to see what I can find. Today was so beautiful, I'm seriously so happy it's spring! I loved today's outfit...
Jacket: J.Crew (15.00 outlet)
Button-up: J.Crew thrifted from Savers (6.00)
Shorts: J.Crew (12? 15? outlet)
Tights: We Love Colors (10.00 with coupon)
Shoes: Target (6.99 sale)
Necklaces: Dolly&Boy, H&M, J.Crew
Sunnies: Fred Flare (11.00)
I'll admit, I've woken up so late every day this week, 8:30 this morning! I clearly need to go to bed earlier. Either way, I was very comfortable, this felt like a good, laid back, semi-casual Friday outfit. I'm going to address the amount of J.Crew in my wardrobe: I love J.Crew, the colors and cuts are perfect for me, plus I'm a size smaller in their clothes than any other brand (hey, I take any complement I can get, even if it's from a "Small" tag). The drawback is that I can rarely afford J.Crew. So half of this stuff was bought three years ago when we still lived in New Hampshire and Chris worked at the outlet, and the other half was found a various thrift stores around New England. I still make sure to stop by the outlet when ever I'm home, you know, just to look. Ok, It's now 12:05am and I just broke my rule for not posting on the weekends, happy Saturday.

I hope everyone has a great weekend, and to those of you who celebrate Easter: Happy Easter!