Thursday, April 1, 2010

April golden, April cloudy; gracious, cruel, tender, rowdy.

Happy April! Happy April fools too! Did anyone get any pranks pulled on them? I have managed to dodge any pranksters after me today, I always want to play a big joke on someone for April Fools, but then I always feel guilty about it. I can't bring myself to do it! Oh well, Spring finally sprang today! Hooray!
Foil Stripe Tee Shirt: J.Crew thrifted from Savers (4.00)
Skirt: J.Crew thrifted from Salvation Army (6.00)
Belt: vintage thrifted from Savers (3.00)
Shoes: MIA thrifted from church shop (2.00)
Tights: UO on sale (4.99)
"All I Really Want is Squirrels" necklace: courtesy of ModCloth
I'm always so proud of myself when I put together an almost entirely thrifted outfit, it's nice knowing that, not only am I recycling, I'm also saving a ton of money by buying second-hand! I've been saving this skirt for the perfect sunny day, when I bought it,it was much longer, but a few snips and some thread fixed that problem! I love the life-saver pattern, it'll be perfect for the summer. I also love finding almost new J.Crew at the thrift store!
Ok, I nearly died last week when I saw this necklace on ModCloth, so you canimagine my excitement when it showed up on my doorstep today! My brother and I have this weird ongoing joke where he seems to think that I love squirrels, but I think he's the one that really loves them, I can't wait to show him this necklace! I think it's so cute, the last one in the line has an acorn.
I'm so happy it's finally spring-time, I've been in an insanely good mood all day! this weekend is suppossed to be amazing! Chris and I are headed up to Maine and New Hampshire to see our families, I can't wait! I wish today was Friday, I've been a day ahead all week.

Was anyone an April Fool today?

ModCloth kindly provided the necklace in this post