Thursday, October 1, 2009

On the Road: Brunswick to Wiscassett to Rockland to Brownfield

Sweater: Consignment (20.00)
Shirt: J.Crew (10.00)
Jeans: BDG (gift)
Shoes: DIY
You may notice that I have a guest with me today, it's my brother! We were supposed to take his senior pictures this afternoon, but just ended up goofing off and taking cheesy "sibling pics". John has pretty rad style, he bought this leather jacket from Angry Young And Poor and then customized it by adding hundreds of spikes and a three color Misfits stencil on the back. The red belt he's wearing used to be mine, I'm glad I could pass it down to someone who rocks it so well!
Today was pretty busy, I had two High School presentations which kept me running all over the midcoast, in my down time today I ate at the famous Moody's Diner (try the pie) and visited the wonderful Farnsworth Art Museum. The Farnsworth is currently featuring works by two of my favorite artist's: Robert Indiana and Louise Nevelson, both of whom have studios in Maine!
I drove back to my Mom's this evening, where you can see below, my brother and I chased chickens and held a little photoshoot. Punk rockers and farm animals (farms in general) are not things that naturally go together, but my brother's a unique kind of human. Also, chickens are incredibly hard to catch, ours are extremely suspicious.

PS- I did do some thrifting today, I can't wait to show off my finds tomorrow!
(hint: designer something!)
Also, I know I've been really bad about commenting back on every one's blogs, I assure you I'm reading all of your posts, and will be back to commenting tomorrow!


Maya said...

you are both so cool and funny!! :D

Clare said...

I am LOVING that yellow sweater you're wearing!

lisa butterworth said...

omg, your brother is the cutest!! a family full of good genes, obvz. and i totally want to eat that pie at moody's.

E said...

These photos are incredible! Your brother's hair and your yellow sweater really pop in these photos!

Jessica said...

Just stumbled over to your blog. You have great style. I need some bright cute sweaters like you have on. Its getting cold here in NC and my wardrobe is not ready.

missDTM said...

i love the color of your sweater! it's amazing. and your brother has some awesome style as well.

Sarah Clarke Gaudet said...

Great pics! I, too, am loving that sweater!!

myedit said...

Question? Could that sweater be anymore perfect?
And the last picture is wicked...

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