Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Date: September 22, 2009
To: Urban Outfitters
From: Orchid Grey

Dear Urban Outfitters,
Let's find a way to get these on my desk by tomorrow.
Because they're fabulous and would look smashing on me.


Amy said...

All these would look fabulous on you! I love purple dress in the middle.. that is my favorite. Could you get U.O. to make a drop off at my house too? :)

Orchid Grey said...

for real, right? I feel like this year they really hit the nail on the head with colors, fabrics etc.

A said...

Love your blog, too! "Big hair, small wallet" is the best About Me description I've seen in awhile. Ok, here are my thrifting reccs for Bangor and surrounding area:
- Goodwill on Stillwater Ave. in Bangor (near mall)
- Goodwill on Wilson St. in Brewer (far end of strip mall mile, after Marden's, which is also worth a peek)
- American Retro in Downtown Bangor (mostly used teenybopper stuff, but some occasional finds)
- Grace United Methodist Church at 193 Union St.
has a thrift shop in the basement (use back door) 10 a.m.-1 p.m. Wednesday and Saturday
- If you're heading to Ellsworth, on Rt. 1A after Lucerne there's Nice Twice, then just after the LL Bean outlet there's a GREAT shop called The Sacred Hoop, and another decent shop in downtown Ellsworth called 2nd to None.
Good luck!

Orchid Grey said...

A: thank you so much! I can't wait!

Rebecca, The Clothes Horse said...

Ooh, I want these dress so bad!

Wear Necessities said...

I LOVE all of these!!! if only Urban Outfitters had Forever 21 prices...

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