Tuesday, September 22, 2009

90210 called...

Donna Martin would like her hair back now...
Shirt: Thrifted (1.00)
Belt: Thrifted (1.00)
Jeans: BDG via Urban Outfitters (36.00)
Shoes: Clarks Wallabees from my mom
Specs: Forever 21 (5.00)
I definitely have the just-washed-fluff-fest going on on my head right now. I feel very 1992 with a little 1952 thrown in via the glasses and shirt. I'm not convinced that this outfit makes any sense, I actually wore this very briefly this afternoon post-work and pre-workout, sometimes my work outfits leave much to be desired. I got these jeans in the post yesterday, I love them. Perfect rise and perfect wash. I'm tempted to purge my closet of all previous jeans in favor if these and the dark wash version that I frequently sport. Highly recommended!

So, earlier today I posted about some darling dresses I wish would appear on my doorstep. I wish to add one more thing to my list of demands. This Terry Richardson print (yes, I'm talking about the two superheroes making out):
I don't know when the first time I laid eyes on "Batman and Robin" but I can tell you it was love at first sight. I want. Any idea if prints are sold?


Clare said...

Oh. my. gosh. I LOVE that print. It is SO on my "must-find" list now.

Hopeless Chest said...

Funniest post and tagline EVER.

I think the outfit is cute. I have started many an outfit, with a button-up shirt and belt like that. But somehow, I always chicken out before I make my way out the door.

Delightfully Tacky said...

I know what you mean about work outfits leaving something to be desired.

Anonymous said...

Super cute outfit!! I would never think to wear a button-up shirt like that, but I love it (and might have to try it).

Also, I love your hair... I don't care if it's 1992...it is darling! :)


chicfaced said...

LOL, that print is awesome!

I totally love your hair, btw. Who cares if Donna Martin wants it back?? Keep it!

missDTM said...

LOVE this outfit! the colors are so fall and it's such a casual look.

your hair looks great btw!

Orchid Grey said...

@Clare: isn't it amazing! let me know if you find anything!
@HopelessChest: I love wearing shirts like this, it makes them look really different!
@Delightfully Tacky: sometimes I hate dressing for work
@Amy: thank you!
@ChicFaced: I'll never give it back!
@MissDTM: thanks!

Jaxon and Julia's Mommy said...

I've got to try the belted button-down shirt wrap look! Hot!

Indiana Adams said...

I love how you wrapped the button down. And as always, your hair is awesome!

Sarah said...


Its a photo done by Terry Richardson.
He's pretty much amazing =D

Orchid Grey said...

thanks, I know the artist, I just wish he would sell more prints!

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