Monday, August 10, 2009

Daily Style/Over the Weekend mega post...

Sunny, Sunny, Sunny!
Sunnies: F21 (5.80)
Letter Necklace: Anniversary Gift (from UO)
Oxford: free from friend
Belt: Thrifted (2.00)
Skirt (actually a dress): UO (60.00)
Brogues: UO (19.99)
This dress has been the most expensive purchase I've made in a few months (I actually bought it awhile ago), and I wish I could say it was worth it...but it's on sale on the website now for, like, $30 buck-a-roos. Oh well, lesson learned. It's been pretty versatile though. It was incredibly hot out today, a good day for the AC! Not much to report, work was frustrating as usual- nothing to drag on about here though...

But, I did have a fantastic weekend:
Friday, I drove 'back home' to Maine to visit my family. I met my mother at Pine Point Beach in Scarborough where we took a walk and lounged on the sand (image 1). We drove the rest of the way home in the early evening and ate shrimp and watched old Alfred Hitchcock movies (still fantastic!). I was up early Saturday where I spent some time in the garden with the chickens (image 2) and ate breakfast under wildflowers (image 3). Saturday was also my sister Caroline's 21st birthday! My mom, sister and I spent the day kayaking on Bickford Pond (images 4 thru 8)- we kayaked 4 miles, swam in the pond, and finished the day with some cake. Sunday, I stopped by my Dad's to say hi and then headed home to watch some more fireworks with Chris. The weather was perfect, and I realized how much I miss life in Maine. I love being in my mother's garden, and taking walks, and actually being able to see the stars! I grew up in the middle of nowhere- the closest house is a mile away- in a one stop light town, and as much as I know I couldn't live there full time, I do miss it a lot- especially in the summer!



Clare said...

You have the best weekends!! I love the daily outfit, too. Very city casual and awesome.

Pretty Neat Designs said...

It all looks and sounds great. And peaceful. I grew up in the city but my grandparents lived in the country and it was nice to experience both places.

Leproust Vintage said...

Your hair is so beautiful!!! I am trying to grow mine out, and it is a painfully long process!

Indiana Adams said...

Oooh! I love the fullness of that dress (as a skirt). But I, too, HATE when things go on sale after I've found them. I don't know when it happened, but largely due to that, I find myself now only buying sale items... unless it's expensive denim. I can't get enough of outrageously expensive jeans.

Orchid Grey said...

@clare: thank you! this blog has actually made me have more interesting weekends so I actually have something to write about!

@PrettyNeat: I like to have both places now. the city is fun but it's nice to go home to peace and quiet

@LeProust: thank you! it took me a LONG time to grow my hair out- I've been growing it out from an old 'Chelsea' cut for five years!

@Indiana: I just buy sale now too- unless it's from H&M or F21- and of course there is salvation army!

Jenna and Maura said...

Ohh yes, I know that feeling of buying something full price, then seeing it on sale later... I guess I just try to ignore it, or tell myself I had to have whatever it was at the time, so maybe it was worth it. But yeah, generally I stick to the sale section! Very cute outfit! - Jenna

Dionne said...

Bummer that you missed getting it on sale, but it sure is cute! And I love how you added that thin belt to complete the look.

I love these photos, that flower shot is lovely. Sounds like you had a fun time!

E said...

Looks like you had a seriously gorgeous weekend! I love that button-down layered over the skirt!

Orchid Grey said...

@ Jenna: I usually a sale section devotee as well!

@ Dionne: I'm glad you like the shots, it was very fun!

@ E: Gorgeous it was, and thank you!

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