Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Art Notes...

I apologize for no Daily Style post today, I ended up leaving my house super early this morning and, knowing the weather was going to be brutal I went with an old stand-by: my Thakoon for Target shibori print dress. I'm so glad I did too, because whoo! it got hot!
As close to Daily Style as it's gonna get:
Today Bea (my friend and coworker) and I travelled to Putney, Vermont to visit the Putney School, an independent high school that also boasts a fantastic arts-centric summer program. We met with different members of the summer Faculty to talk about what the kids are working on, and also what the different programs have to offer.
The Putney School's campus is situated on acres of farm land in the Green Mountains of Vermont, many of the class room spaces are located in converted barns- so conducive for art making!
There were some pretty cool sculptures...Bea liked them.
My absolute favorite part of the campus though, was the weaving room! The colors of the wool were amazing, and we learned that all of the fibers are taken from sheep that they keep right there on campus! They shear the sheep, clean the wool, dye it, and spin it- such an amazing process! I loved all of these different spools (above).
The sheer variety of color was fantastic! The girl below was working on her first weaving project ever, I love the pattern she's working with!
On our way to the school, we got a bit lost. We couldn't help ourselves when we stumbled upon the terrifying "Santa's Land" amusement park (I use the term amusement park quite loosely here) Santa was just calling to us: we had to take pictures on the tractor!
Later, one of the teachers told us that "Santa's Land" owns a camel. Why? I don't know.
I am now so tired, what a busy day! Tomorrow, I head into Boston to visit another Summer intensive program. You will find out slowly what I do for a living...but I'm not letting secret out yet!
Good Night!


Clare said...

What an amazing sounding school!!! I'm so jealous of those students! And I love the picture of you swinging...SO cute!

Orchid Grey said...

seriously, I wish I had gone there in High School (it was an option) they do so many cool things!

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