Friday, July 31, 2009

Weekend Slouch-Fest...

Hat: Burton ($?)
Tee: F21 (5.00)
Shorts: AE (30.00)
Sandal: J.Crew (6.00)
As I mentioned last night, I have today off. Hence, my particularly slouchy outfit. Today I plan to listen to Maine Public Radio on ITunes (a little addiction of mine that I couldn't kick when I moved out of the state), organize my files, read the latest issue of BUST (yay!), and do some planning on a gallery show I will be co-hosting in August (more info to come!). I love days where there is no pressure to do anything special! The weather for this weekend looks like it will be pleasant, perfect for bike riding and swimming!
How about you, any weekend plans?


Clare said...

Ah, your weekend plans sound marvelous! And I totally identify with your fashion choice for those plans..."slouchy" is the perfect word for it, but in the best possible way. :)

Yuka said...

i love slouchy hats like this

C.Chico said...

i love the hat! very casual look =)

Leproust Vintage said...

I love your laid back look! I too love days where there is absolutely no pressure and schedule, and I can work at my own pace!

myedit said...

So laid-back and cute!

Orchid Grey said...

@ Clare: thank you, I think this outfit looks better on film than in real life!
@ Yuka: yes, my most favorite hat!
@ C.Chico: casual but nice to have a "day off" from fashiony things
@ LeProust: no presure days are indeed the best!
@ myedit: thank you!

Thank you guys for your comments, it means a lot that you read my ramblings!

Anonymous said...

I love days like this too! its always good to get a little "me" time in. and I can't believe how bargain chic that outfit is! looks way more expensive than it really is <3

Dionne said...

I wish that I looked as good as you in my 'slouchy clothes' - dang!

Orchid Grey said...

Humble and Dionne, thank you both!

D. said...

I love that you posed a look like this. I think that sometimes fashion bloggers are temped to only post their best and brightest fashion finds. I love it!

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