Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Words can not describe...

How much I want this whole outfit (but especially the skirt...I desperately want the puppy too):

Shirt: "Elsa V-Neck" (12.50)
Skirt: "Ariel Skirt" (64.99)
Shoes: "Kimchi Blue Perforated Leather Loafer" (24.99)
Locket: "Open Heart Locket" (13.99)
Vintage Vespa Scooter: Google Images

I think it would go well with my hair today:
I haven't made much effort with my hair lately, which I think has contributed to my wanting to cut it all off (been there, done that- not a good decision!). So this morning I actually spent some time with it and I'm feeling pretty good about it.

The sun has FINALLY come out of hiding and it looks like it will be a beautiful day! Yay! C and I retrieved A (one of my closest friends that has been living overseas) from the airport last night, we had mexican and margaritas and today we will be going on a bike ride. It's nice to have a favorite face around, as so many friends have moved out of the area lately.

One more day until I leave for Norfolk, VA. And it's just been confirmed that there will be a trek to D.C. in July...I'm so excited!!!


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Very nice!

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