Thursday, June 18, 2009

Summer Goals...

One of C and my goals for this summer is to travel more. Petrol was so expensive last summer that we really didn't go anywhere, and even a small jaunt to New Hampshire and Maine to visit our families was a cause for financial panic. Luckily the cost of fuel hasn't jumped too much this year so it looks like we will be able to hit the road.

The first trip is to Norfolk, VA and I leave bright and early tomorrow. I will be driving down with my brother and cousin to visit my father on his Merchant Marine ship. I'm really excited because I will be staying on the ship!

It looks like this (not his actual ship):

It's a very quick trip, we leave tomorrow and fly back on Monday. I've never been to Virginia before and I'm very excited. While we're there I believe we will also be visiting Colonial Williamsburg. I can't wait to take pictures! I need to get some film for my Diana+!

The second jaunt planned is a road trip to Washington, D.C. in July. I will be driving down with two friends to visit another friend that I haven't seen since Thanksgiving. I've been to D.C. before, but not since I was small. The itinerary is open at the moment but something I would really like to do is go to the Phillips Collection to see their new exhibition "Paint Made Flesh" featuring work by painters Jenny Saville, Lucian Freud, John Currin, and many others. All of the work in this exhibition was created after WWII and many of the pieces deal with post-war tensions expressed through the human form. You can read more about the exhibition and the other participating artists HERE.

I also want to see this guy:

And lastly we will also be traveling to New York City some time in July to see the Francis Bacon Retrospective at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Francis Bacon was one of my favorite painters to learn about in my Art Since 1945 class, and I'm really excited to see his work in person, up close and personal. We will most likely be meeting up with some friends as well to do the usual NYC things: Printed Matter, Chelsea Galleries, and the Strand Bookstore. I wish I had some photos to post from my April NYC trip, but unfortunately they were lost forever when my computer crashed. It still makes me sad.

I also think we'll be going out to Northampton, MA for July 4 to see our contingent of friends who have moved there recently. I don't know why, but July 4 has become my favorite holiday.

Do any of you have a favorite thing to do in any of these spots?

No pictures of me today. I'm feeling gloomy.


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