Friday, April 27, 2018

Weekend Links 4.27

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Happy freakin' Friday! Could I be any more excited for the weekend? Probably not. The weather here finally turned the corner and I honestly feel like a different person and I'm so excited to get outside tomorrow. We've had some rain this week (honestly I'm just glad it's not snow), but tomorrow looks like there will be sun, so Chris and I are headed to mid-coast for some low key coastal hiking. I can't wait. I feel like it's been forever since we left the peninsula and/or traveled anywhere that wasn't my mom's house. Which is funny because that's where I'll be on Sunday, cleaning out the last of our stuff and listing a TON of stuff on Poshmark (seriously – I have bags of stuff I've needed to list). What are you up to? Hope you have something great planned – here's some links for your weekend:

First of all, THE NEWS THIS WEEK, GUYS. For once we have something other than politics to talk about – first of all, the Cosby verdict. How incredible for those victims? This article is very much worth reading (NYT). AND SECOND OF ALL... for all you murderinos out there, how incredible is THIS?!

A very elegant way to showcase the contents of your pocket... this vintage brass clamshell would look pretty rad in your entryway

ICYMI - my two favorite cruelty-free cleansers

This vintage butterfly sleeve top would look pretty with 501's and some big-ass earrings

Love this pattern-mixing outfit on Abby (and that location!)

These would look pretty adorable peeking out from the top of black ankle boots

I don't have children, but my sister is special needs and I think this is important: Helping your child navigate a special needs encounter (honestly, some adults need this too)

Because I'm down for flat shoes that also hide my toes: These shoes are on sale and cute as hell.

How to get out of a slump - love that lead image

Two bags I'm loving for spring: This fisherman bag and this classic weekend tote (the extra large is honestly the BEST beach bag)

This post from Keiko resonated

Into these cute cropped jeans for spring (+ save 40% off summer styles, like this perfect wrap dress)

Why you should add baking soda to your bath

This dress would be a perfect summer bridesmaid dress and it's in a full range of sizes!

Love these cute gingham pants - so pretty with a red top, right?

Needless to say, this book is now on my must-read list

Loving everything in this Etsy shop - especially these earrings, so pretty for a modern Mother's Day gift


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