Sunday, February 18, 2018

Weekend Links

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What a week. What a week, of many weeks, that just felt dark. It would be neglegent of me to not acknowledge the tragedy that took place in Florida on Wednesday. NPR has been doing an especially thoughtful and compassionate job of covering the shooting, making the news no less heartbreaking, though. All those beautiful lives so needlessly and mindlessly cut short. Children. I can't imagine what it feels like to be a parent and see your kids off to school everyday, these days. If you're feeling frustrated and heartbroken too, you can go to to take action.

On a lighter note... We did it! We moved! I spent most of this past week getting settled in, working from coffee shops around town, and helping Zephyr adjust to his new digs (he's having a rough time adjusting, a point he's been making clear every night from 3-5am with a whole lot of yowling). We still have a ton of unpacking to do, and will most likely draw it out a bit as we also work on cutting down on our belongings while we unearth boxes that have been in storage for five months. Chris and I are determined to not relive past mistakes, when we've been pressed for time and ended up with secret disorganized messes – we've already cut down on our kitchen stuff by about 50%, something I'm feeling really proud of. This will be our first official weekend as Portlanders, and I'm looking forward to checking out some secondhand furniture places (we're looking for rugs, a desk, and some lamps), taking a much-needed trip to the beach (it's just down the street now!), and maybe grabbing a diner breakfast.

Love this vintage industrial storage for an office or kitchen

This vintage blouse would look gorgeous with worn-in denim and loafers

ICYMI: The life-changing magic of a new mattress

Almost spring wishlist: Spring florals (all of them, just load me up), breezy dresses, a great pair of mules, and a pretty bag (SO ready for spring!)

Adam Rippon's Twitter is pure gold

Love this pretty gingham dress - wear it now with a leather jacket and black boots, later with slides and a straw bag

Nordstrom's winter sale is here! Love this cozy sweater and this classic red purse

How to break up with your phone - I've been spending less time with mine on the weekends and the difference has been wonderful

Save an extra 20% off sale items from Madewell! Love this great winter coat and these great Vans

Peanut Butter Banana Bread sounds SO good

I bet this perfume smells amazing

Good news for couch potatoes 


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