Saturday, December 16, 2017

Weekend Links

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What a week. Did it feel about a million years long to anyone else? After feeling OK for a couple days last weekend, I got sick all over again this past Monday, and then stayed sick right up until today (fingers crossed that tomorrow is a better day). We've been joking that this sickness is just city life being exorcized from our bodies (Chris is sick too - he has pneumonia). All this, coupled with the Net Neutrality decision, the news coming out about the tax plan, the banned words of the CDC and, well literally everything else happening in the world... the whole thing hasn't left me feeling very festive this month. I wish I could say I had big plans this weekend, but I'm just trying to get better. I am hoping to get out into modern society to at least grab a pack of holiday cards to send out - I'd really like to at least do that. The way this month has gone, it's pretty much been our most disastrous Christmas on record, and I refuse to stress out about that fact. I love seeing how everyone else is celebrating and decorating, but I've accepted this year just isn't our year. Being sick always forces me to reflect on how good I've been doing at taking care of myself (or rather, at how I've been failing at it). And I think that's something I'm going to work on in the new year. Just generally giving myself the time of day beyond simply eating the right foods and maintaining some semblance of exercise. Trying not to run myself ragged, getting good sleep... it's probably something we could all work on a bit more, don't you think?

This vintage party dress would be pretty for a new year's party, especially with a pop of red (lipstick? shoes?)

I really want to make these cookies. Like, really really.

Would love to pair one of these statement pieces with my New Year's dress (those eyes!)

A pin that pretty much describes how I feel about things right now (and always if we're behing honest)

Listen to women, listen to women, listen to women: Why must female artists go to war to tell their stories?

I just got back from Oregon but this pretty boho collection has me dreaming of vacation paired with these shoes and a cute straw bag

This if officially my new favorite column on the internet - so funny and actually useful.

Do you need something to make you smile? Because I sure as hell do. Behold the African Penguin nest cam at the National Aviary

Moorea Seal is having a big sale on a bunch of perfect gifting items, including this incredible candle (seriously, it smells amazing)

Easy things you can do to reduce global warming

Words that matter

Everything is 50% off at LOFT right now - including this super cozy sweater

I should take my own advice: 5 immune supporters for winter

Cute last minute gift ideas... that rainbow ornament makes me so happy

A super simple way to change up the look of a jacket or cardigan


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