Friday, November 17, 2017

Life Lately / Weekend Links

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Hello! What a week! To say I'm thankful it's Friday night would be understatement of the decade. This week, man. Our car is in the shop (both cars actually, as we also own an incredibly sketchy truck now), meaning that even our back-up car is unavailable. I'll let you guess how convenient it is to live 30 minutes from civilization with no car *_* On the incredibly bright side, it's going to cost less than expected and we're headed to Portland tomorrow to spend the day together before joining up with friends for a much needed friendsgiving. I might sound like I'm griping, but life in Maine has been pretty lovely these past few weeks. We got our first snow and the scenery makes up for any complaints I might have (it beats looking at city litter 10000%), although I am looking forward to a trip to LA and Oregon at the end of this month, I'll never turn down the opportunity to get the hell outta dodge.

Jess's finds have really been A+ lately (always are), I'm especially loving this rad reversible jacket and this incredible kimono.

A Facebook friend gave this book a rave review - actually she specifically said it was "haunting" - therefore I'm interested in reading it. I haven't been reading as much lately... I blame work (pro tip: blame everything on work).

I just got this fragrance and this bra from Moorea Seal and 10/10 recommend both. The perfume, Maine from MCMC, smells a bit rosy with a woodsy note, and the bra is just super, super comfy.

Related to working too much: the desire to stuff my face with sweets. I've successfully avoided doing this (well, except for this afternoon's giant cookie), but don't these homemade caramels look absolutely incredible?

Buying a pair of Dr. Martins before we moved was 100% a great decision. I have my eye on this platform pair next.

A weird side-effect of living with my mother? My consumption of true crime everything has gone up tenfold. Officially addicted to My Favorite Murder and old reruns of Unsolved Mysteries. Judge me how you wish. (related, I love this shirt)

My love for statement earrings did not die with summer... really into these handmade leather earrings, this star-covered pair (on sale!), and these eye-catching hoops

Maybe you're wondering (probably not wondering at all) what it is I do when I'm not writing incoherent sentences on this blog? Writing actual sentences for other people. Check out my latest pieces for Free People, The Style Line, and Green Dream. I also work here now :)

How do you feel about the white boot trend? I'm in love with this pair (here's a lower-priced option), but I worry that they might not be well-suited for Maine (scratch that, I know they're not well-suited for Maine)

And lastly, a valid question: Does America know what sex is? Guys... I don't think America knows... (but seriously, in light of all the gross dudes being outed as sexual predators, this is worth reading)


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