Thursday, October 26, 2017

Get Outside: Frankenstein Cliff Trail and Arethusa Falls

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Could there be a more perfect hike for Halloween week? After three weeks of insanity – moving, bachelor party planning, weddings, new jobs (me! yay!) – Chris and I finally managed to carve out a day to get outside together. And bonus! It was my brother's last full day in town so we roped him in, too. Since the foliage was starting to fade, we made the most of it and headed up to Crawford Notch in New Hampshire to get some perspective. And man, the trees did not disappoint. I've missed fall in New England so much, this has really been our first time experiencing it since we moved, too, since we're always just here for Christmas.

It's funny, being back.  feel a bit like I did before leaving Philadelphia, with one foot in and one foot out. This time, it's hard not to think about my connections to these locations in the past while I experience them with new eyes over a decade later. It's interesting. And emotional. And complicated. For now, I'm appreciating the proximity to nature again and the ability to wake up without the crushing feeling of being in the wrong place, even if I'm not totally sure where the right place is just yet. It's a pretty incredible feeling to breathe fresh air again.


Bridget said...

Those fall colors are just stunning!

(And I feel you. Moving back to the place that was home after many years, there are lots of capital-F feelings. Oof.)

Melinda said...

Ahhh, amazing fall colors!

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