Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Vintage Denim at Ott's Exotic Plants

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A few weeks ago, I finally revisited one of my favorite places in Eastern PA - Ott's Exotic Plants. It was the perfect breezy day to visit this amazing spot, the kind of late-summer/early-fall day that lets you know there's change afoot. Cactus buying weather. I first came here back in 2015 (?... how has it been that long?!) after getting a tip from a Free People interviewee (thanks Victoria!) (I took that photo on her website! :) ). And it's just as enchanting in summer as it was that first cold November day. Overgrown with plants of all shapes and sizes (there's a fiddle leaf fig over 40 years old that measures floor to ceiling - 50 foot ceiling), and boasting nearly every variety you could ask for, especially when it comes to cacti, Ott's is an institution and a must-see for anyone living within driving distance or visiting the area.

Because the day was a bit cooler, and because I've officially had it with wearing shorts, it was the perfect day to bust out this new top and these new-to-me vintage Levi's I picked up a few weeks ago after an interview.

(Side note: Does anyone else feel like they need to be a new person directly after an interview? For some reason the experience - whether good or bad - makes me want to crawl out of my skin.)

As soon as the weather is cool enough, I practically live in some version of these jeans. I have several in different washes and lengths, and they just seem to go with everything while being super comfortable. I've seen Levi's is finally wising up too, and releasing their own updated version of 501's. On this day, I paired them with a new top from Mes Demoiselles (seriously, their tops are so gorgeous), a wide brimmed hat (this one is old Free People, but there are some nice ones here), and Birkenstocks (because it's still too warm for cute boots... and I'm just not quite ready for that level of commitment.)

I'm so glad I was able to show Chris this place. We'll be leaving PA soon, and there were a few places I really wanted to show him before we left the state - namely Ott's and the Pulpit/Pinnacle Rock hiking trail.


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