Sunday, April 30, 2017

Here & There 4.30

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Happy Sunday night! This weekend has been everything I've needed after last week. It was a busy one for me with the launch of Etsy Studio, plus a two-day photoshoot, but now it's free and easy for the next... well, three hours or so (I started writing this on Friday... and then this morning). With the Draft taking over one half of philadelphia and the Penn Relay taking over the other half, I kept it local today and enjoyed the weather. Chris has been out of town for a few days (coming back today, yayyyy!!!!) so this weekend has been all about me (and Zeph of course). Yesterday I got a much needed haircut, my order from Moorea Seal came in with the pretty new earrings you see above (and tarot cards, which I'm super excited to learn) and today I did a little self-care with a pedicure and some self-tanner. Hope you have a great week ahead of you! Can you believe it's almost May?

The perfect little festival dress

Earrings that make a statement (and a very strong statement)

Chef Goldblum is the hero we all need right now

A pretty bag for spring

"Photoshopping president trump onto muppets"

Love these sandals

A field guide to dumb birds of North America

Would love to keep these pretty soaps in our bathroom

Can you be body positive while dieting and/or wanting to change your body? - this is interesting

The prettiest off the shoulder summer dress (and the sunglasses to wear with it)

"Apologies for the delayed response"

A pretty handmade Mother's Day gift

America's most political food

Love this cute gingham dress

The badass woman who took down Bill O'Reilly

Boob stamps!

Letting go of objects connected to grief

Would love to wear this for date night


Angela Librizzi said...

You always leave the best links to things. I have the perfumes from a couple of posts back saved as well as the mother/daughter necklace and I sent my husband the bird tumblr link because that was hilarious. Love your posts!

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