Saturday, April 1, 2017

Here & There 4.1

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Happy April, fools! ...See what I did there? Impressed? No? Ok... It's a new month and I'm excited. And it's the weekend and I'm excited. I just finished up 31 days of yoga (I'm a day off) and I'm feeling goooood and ready to take on a new month, even if it means having to finish my taxes. Ugh. To be honest, despite my good feelings today, this week was rough one to get through. Lots of rain and trains and commuting and cold weather. And sleep anxiety! So this weekend I'm vowing to take care of all the things keeping me up at night so I can start this month off right. I have a lot to look forward to: we're taking our first trip home of the year to see family -- I can't believe we haven't seen them since September! -- and there's some exciting stuff happening at work. I typically avoid going up north this time of year, because while Philly is just warming up, New England is still in the depths of winter, and it's no different this year. Even worse - they're currently getting hammered with snow. BUT I'm determined to make the most of it and am looking forward to getting some use out of my much-neglected snowshoes.

Have a happy weekend - here's a few of my favorites from around the web this week:

This beautiful vintage bag would be perfect for summer

I've been hunting for the perfect linen duvet cover for summer -- and I found it!

How to be an ally - important and wonderful

These mismatched earrings would make a great gift

Growing up on 30 minute meals - loved this perspective

Pretty accessories for spring and summer

On my book list for spring (and another book on my list)

The prettiest bikini - I need a new bathing suit and I'm stressed out about it

Appraising the Brady Bunch's art collection - so good

The most adorable bag for spring

Finding balance in social media

Pretty much obsessed with these minimalist overalls

ICYMI - DIY apple cider vinegar toner

Beautiful shoes - love those palm leaf slides

Are you super busy? Me too. Read this.

For the prettiest witch

Because internet privacy is on the line - how (and why) to set a VPN in 10 minutes for free

For the wild women out there


Bea said...

Loved the 30 minute meals piece! This isn't totally at all the same, but was just thinking this morning that the things that seem annoying or "weird" when you're a kid are usually the things that help prepare you for anything that gets thrown at you later. Now that I'm 31 and find myself taking showers in a stall that ten other people need to get into in a country where water smells like sulfur, I'm thankful that when growing up we had a hot water heater that ran out of water so quickly you had no choice but to learn to get clean in under four minutes. (At the time it was so @#$@^!$ annoying.) Love you!

Orchid Grey said...

@Bea - Yes! totally agree. I admit to not really liking Rachel Ray - mostly for the way she says "sammies" and EVOO -- but the article gave a nice perspective that isn't often discussed. It's true, often the things we experienced as children that were weird or annoying help prepare us the most for adulthood. (similarly - I know how to take a 2-minute shower thanks to summer camp and frequent power outages at home) xoxoxxo

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