Sunday, February 12, 2017

Here & There 2.12

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Well, it's happened. I've reached that special point in winter when all I want is spring. I'm that person now. I'm awful. We were given a tiny glimpse of it last week, with 65 degree weather, which then promptly transformed into a full day of wind and snow. I'm jealous of the winter they're getting up north, feet of snow is a little different when you've got frozen ponds and mountains and snow-covered trails to use! So yes, I'm counting down the days until city life turns fun again, and in the meantime, attempting to break the cycle of yoga pants/sweatshirt/sneakers/sweater/jeans/boots. The lack of inspiration is getting a little old.

We had a little scare with Zephyr last week. He was fine and then all of a sudden acting weird, the way cats act when they're not feeling well (sort of moody and removed). After 24 hours of close observation he's perfectly fine and back to his old self, after thoroughly scaring both Chris and I.

I've been working hard at destressing and getting back to myself lately. I went to my first hot yoga class on Friday night, a Standing Rock benefit held by Philadelphia Hot Yoga, and loved it. The instructor was great, and it was a fun and relaxed class, focusing on love with Valentine's coming up. I was reminded of how much I love yoga and they way it brings me back to inhabiting my body, washing my overcrowded brain clean for just a little while. I set the intention to do more of it, and have been working to bring more mindfulness into my day-to-day as well. I've been feeling great on that front.

This week will be a crazy one. I'll be in NYC for three days, including Valentine's Day, with a whirlwind of work stuff happening. I can't believe we're already halfway through February?! How is that possible?

How pretty is this handmade leather hair stick?

I just ordered this! Now... what should I read first?! Recommendations please!

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