Sunday, January 22, 2017

Here & There 1.22

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1.20 - Hi. It's Friday. The 20th. Let's not talk about it. Instead, let's talk about what we're doing today. I have to work, and I'm frustrated about that. I've been feeling super anxious about this day all week, as if I had a doctor's appointment, or a flight, or a test, or a funeral to attend... And I had hoped to spend some time volunteering, but a block of meetings prevented that. So instead, I'm giving to Planned Parenthood, writing to my Senators and Congresspeople, and listening to podcasts. NOT tuning into the inauguration and attempting to stay off Facebook because it only seems to make me cry. Tonight I'm gathering with a group of ladies to drink wine, eat pizza and make signs for tomorrow, and I think that will be cathartic. I hope it will be. I KNOW tomorrow will be. Our plans to march in DC fell through, but I'm just as happy to be here in Philly marching next to the people who make up the city I live in, who make up my community. I've felt new sense of connection with Philadelphia over the past several weeks, a sense of thankfulness for living amongst the kind of diversity that was completely foreign to me when growing up in Maine.

1.22 - So, I wrote the above on Friday and didn't publish because I was too busy eating pizza and drinking wine and talking about my feelings and making signs for the march. The March! It was incredible waking yesterday with the knowledge that nearly every single woman in my life was preparing to march for her rights and for the rights, dignity, and respect of others. The Philly march was pretty incredible, but even moreso was seeing the overall result - the images from across the country and across the world of people coming together in solidarity. It's the day after now, and I'm determined to build on this momentum. Fired up, ready to go. Let's do this.

How cute are these vintage sneakers?

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So obsessed with this Etsy shop and these buttons! Famous people with cats!

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Oh I can just picture Zephyr all snuggled up in this cozy cat bed!

The hero we all need: Congresswoman Maxine Waters and her "parade of shade" (can we all agree "parade of shade" is the best phrase ever?)

How beautiful are these handmade moon coasters? Love this wall hanging too.

I've been listening to a LOT of podcasts lately - two faves: That's So Retrograde & Radical Candor

So obsessed with this psychedelic vintage jacket

Eight ways to resist donald trump

Love these cute winking earrings

A really incredible obituary (really! This woman sounds like she was incredible)

Free People is having a huge sale starting at $9! Love this cute chunky beanie

"How to get a revenge body" (It's not what you think)

A cool velvet bomber for winter to spring (this one too)

How 2016 changed the way we talk about gender

You guys, this gingham jumpsuit is ADORABLE

A primer on intersectional feminism

This pretty dress would be perfect to wear to a spring wedding

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I'd love to store my rings on this pretty crystal ring holder

A gorgeous palmistry print


Heather P. said...

Maxine Waters is the auntie we all wish we had - that woman does not tolerate ANY bullshit, and I LOVE IT! We need a lot more women like her in office!

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