Thursday, July 28, 2016

WORN: Vintage Wranglers & Linen Top

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Well... I've officially reached that inevitable point in the summer, the time when I find myself fantasizing about wearing my leather jacket again and stepping outside without immediately sweating. I blame New York. I've been schlepping myself around the city for the past few weeks, and gaining swift insight into what a horrendous packer I am. Also, it's hot. Miserably hot. So I can't blame my sub-par packing skills completely. I refuse to wish away the season, though, and this little linen top from Moorea Seal arrived just in time to salvage my mood towards summer, at least a little bit. Is it weird to have a love affair with a fabric? Linen has been a favorite of mine forever, and I love the throwback print and side buttons that accompany the crop silhouette.

Get the look:
Moorea Seal 'Tera Floral Crop Top'
Vintage Wrangler jeans
Vintage bag
Vintage rings


Sanchari said...

In love with the bold accessories ..

Gemma Roberts said...

I LOVE this outfit!! Linen is such a perfect fabric for this sticky hot heat and in that gorgeous vintage print its win win! It looks perfect teamed with great jeans and your super ideal summer hair!

Faded Windmills

terra love/nothing/more said...

wranglers! yes! also, morrea seal has some of the best gear. i'm starting to get that fall itch as well... despite my love affair with summer. fall just has a mystique about it. it's the perfect weather with the perfect scents and, unfortunately (or fortunately) it doesn't linger long enough to get boring. plus, HALLOWEEN.

i hope NYC is treating you well. PGH misses you!

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