Saturday, July 30, 2016

Here & There 7.30

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Happy weekend! What are you up to? This is our last zero travel, zero obligation weekend for the next month, so I'm looking forward to not doing much of anything. Mostly, I want to sleep. And that's it! August will be full of visits from friends, weddings, anniversaries (five years!), and family and I can't wait. Hope your weekend's a good one!

This sheer vintage '70s dress would look awesome layered over a black bra and cutoffs

Save 35% off your purchase from Gap, just got this pretty Victorian-inspired top. Love this varsity jacket too!

How pretty is this simple wall hanging?

"I'm Hillary Fucking Clinton"

Really want to read this book

Thick thighs save lives

This squash blossom-inspired necklace is gorgeous

My new favorite Instagram

Love this cute cactus bag

The story of a 'Fuck Off Fund'

I'd love to travel with one of these bags

The shade of it all (this is amazing, even if it maybe wasn't intentional... but let's pretend it was)

These pants go with everything

Beautiful portraits of immigrants from the 1900s

This would be a great dress to wear to a wedding

Yum - these cookies sound so good! (also, these brownies!)

How gorgeous is this backpack?


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