Monday, June 13, 2016

Here & There 6.13: Links On A Monday

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Happy Monday night, friends. How are you? Chris and I have found ourselves unexpectedly in Maine after his mother experienced three heart attacks this past weekend, so life has been understandably frantic these past few days. Coupled with the general news of the world (Orlando... the Stanford rape case...) I'm feeling a little off-kilter, emotional, and really stressed out. As much as I hate the facts that brought us north this time around, it's always cathartic to retreat to this place, where the world feels a little quieter and thoughts can be better digested. It's comforting to be around family -- which includes our incredible network of friends, who didn't hesitate to let us crash with them when we needed to be close to the hospital and who kindly took on the responsibility of feeding Zephyr while we're away. I'm happy to report that Chris's mother's heart surgery went well, and she was in good spirits when we visited her today. It'll be a crazy couple of days as we get her situated and learn more about what her recovery will entail.

I've come to the realization lately of how little time I leave for myself to just be. That's something I'm going to be working on much more diligently after all of this insanity. I need to turn off more, unplug, and allow creativity to come to me, rather than constantly seeking it out. The more I seek, the more it eludes, it seems. Anyways, I hope you're doing good. Are you doing good? Here are some links for your week...

How insanely awesome is this vintage psychedelic duster jacket?

June style picks: A cute scalloped bikini, a commuter-ready backpack, a sweet denim romper, a good graphic print, and a great cross-body bag

One crazy photo coincidence 

My latest beauty opbsession

A cute, summery dress & the shoes to go with it

Take control of your life

The perfect straw boater hat

Obsessed with these cute ceramics

The funniest Instagram account

Moorea Seal is now carrying one of my favorite jewelry designers! So in love with this necklace


sara said...

This post may speak to you as you try to unplug more often, I just read it last night and it really made me think. I can't say I'm ready to cut the cord yet, but maybe someday.

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