Sunday, March 6, 2016

Here & There 3.6

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Hi friends, happy Sunday night. How was your weekend? In an effort to avoid cleaning, I spent today cooking and made granola, grain-free granola bars, started a ginger culture, and baked some biscotti to send to my grandparents and successfully, detrimentally didn't clean. All in all, a good weekend.

Love this vintage western coat - so dreamy

Obsessed with these minimalist sneakers (these too)

With spring weather in the forecast, I'm looking for a new pair of cute jeans: Love this shredded pair, this rad vintage pair, and these flares (and definitely these sunnies to go with them)

A cool way to get your student loans paid off faster (and be a good person, too)

Gahhh... how gorgeous is this dress? And it has pockets! Perfect bag for it, too

New books to read this spring

Etsy faves: this pretty seaside print, this gorgeous vintage bag, these great boots (on sale!), this pretty moon ring, this great print

It's domestic violence awareness, this documentary is important

Just ordered this gorgeous nail polish

How cute is this cereal cake?

My pin game is about to be strooong

Uh, YUM - how good do these look?

This pretty dress is making me dream of summer

how busy women make their workouts happen -- this was actually super helpful, I'm currently attempting to move my workouts to the morning

This top looks so cozy, perfect for after the beach

Itching to get my hands on this yoga dvd

So in love with this embroidered blanket!

Obsessed with this cozy space

Have you seen ModCloth's new swim collection? So cute! Love this one


Ashley said...

I sincerely love that you post on "off" times..Sunday night is when I need the most comfort (don't we all?) and your blog was a nice little something something to make my night a little sweeter. You're the best girl!

Anna said...

Hi! Greetings from Finland! Love reading your posts! Thank you! xxx, Anna

Jessica Tremblay said...

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