Monday, February 8, 2016

Here & There 2.8

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Sunday night already, where did this weekend go?  Just kidding, it's Monday now. This was sort of a 'non weekend' for me, to be honest. I started off with high hopes of doing my taxes and getting some other stuff done, but I ended up having to work for most of it. Ugh. I did manage to get out for a coffee date with a friend on Saturday, and met up for more coffee with more friends this afternoon. After January's quiet weekends, I can already tell February is going to be just the opposite. This month is always about action for me, I started my 3rd Whole 30 last Tuesday and am feeling really wonderful about being more mindful with my food, even in busy times like this weekend, it forces me to slow down and prepare a meal for myself, rather than just grabbing fistfuls of granola and dried fruit (I think I need to reread my post about balance already...) I also finally picked up a library card last weekend and have blown through two novels in the past week (this one and this one), and am excited to start this one tonight. The weather has been so mild here, and even though I know in the back of my mind it's still winter, I'm feeling so expectant and excited towards spring. I received Home Made Winter in the mail from my mom and picked up My New Roots this weekend and have been making long lists of new recipes to try and new ingredients to pick up. My cookbook collection has been growing more and more lately, and I'm not mad about it.

These butterfly earrings would be so pretty for spring

A most gorgeous vintage dress for Valentine's Day

Etsy loves: this cotton candy pin, this Fleetwood Mac belt buckle (!!!), this beautiful silk ribbon, this Morrissey print, this moon necklace

A world without Black History Month

The dress to wear to all those spring weddings (this one too)

The best Super Bowl commercials (in case you didn't watch... I definitely didn't)

A pretty Valentine's gift for yourself (love this one too)

Definitely making this pie for Chris's birthday

Cheeky bags for your essentials (and some cute patches to put on them)

Basically my life (I drive and take the train, it's a one-two punch)

Loving these shoes for spring


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